16 thoughts on “February 21, 2017

  1. Poor Donnie. I wonder how he affords an apartment now. I worked full time as a waitress and couldn’t afford an apartment unless I had a roommate. So I had to live at home.

  2. The problem becomes as each job starts to cost you. The extra transportation, although that is mitigated by being close to his house, the extra cost of dress code appropriate clothes for both places, and so forth. It’s a soul sucking trap.

    • It’s also a time management problem.
      One summer I had three jobs — but they all had pretty set schedules, so I wasn’t scrambling from one to the other. This past Christmas season I suddenly got a better job … and then a better one than that. So the first one, needing help, was okay becoming part-time … but since it was retail the schedule was all over the place. I gave it up a month ago, too much hassle.

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