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    • Yeah, if loyalty doesn’t pay the bills, then the company isn’t going to get it. What is with these companies losing the plot on something this simple?

      • Actually that line is from Rowdy Roddy Piper in the movie They Live, it was used in Duke Nukem and popularized there. (Sorry, being a bit of a pedant on this but I also have to share knowledge of that incredible movie)

    • I don’t know who they are but if they’re a couple of tough guys who will slap some sense into Brice, I’m all for it.

      • Gibbs counts as a tough guy, has no problems slapping someone upside the head if they’re being an idiot, and has often quelled a pompous man with only a stern look. He’d be a great person for getting Brice to straighten up. (He’s from the series NCIS BTW.)

    • I most certainly do. Donnie is presenting logic. Brice is presenting hypocrisy: He’s the spoiled rich brat and he’s the one talking about entitlement? Brice needs to take a look in the mirror, only for it to shatter into 1,001 pieces which engrave themselves into his body. Forevermore, Cooper would call him “Mirror Boy.”

  1. That information would be dumped on the department head to disperse to the underlings. If Brice didn’t tell Cooper, then that is a big failure on his part.

      • Same reason Josh got fired; he’s going to get too arrogant, make one mistake too many and tick Marla off.

        At least, I hope he will. It may be some time, though.

        I bet the employees miss Arthur. It’s nice to have management that’s sensible and treats you like a fellow human being.

          • Sure she can, if he makes the wrong mistake.

            Josh got fired for being unethical. He lied about being offered a job to get Grumbels to give him a raise, got caught, got another job, and Marla fired him when he turned in his notice because he then admitted the lie.

            Brice would fare similarly in similar circumstances.

  2. Actually, these series of strips are indicative of one of the overall problems with retail — inconsistent, volatile part-time hours within the industry. In the chain that I use to work in I started out in the late 90s where I good portion of the employees were full time. Turnover was pretty low when compared to the last 10 years where turnover has gone through the roof. Not even “key holders” are guaranteed a 40 hours week. And, at the chain I’m working at now, if you are a “Team Leader” without closing or opening duties, you aren’t even guaranteed at least 35 hours. It all depends on the workload from week to week.

    • Keeps them from having to give benefits or treat you like a human. If they would just make slavery legal again, you would be getting a solid 80 hours a week minimum.

    • Our company thinks 32 hours constitutes full time employment. We have a lady that works four days of third shift and one day of second shift so she can get her 40 hours and she can’t live on that. Even our manager who is paid for salaried with bonuses can’t live on one income.

      • Yes, that’s one thing I’ve noticed and have commented on before when it comes to service sector employment — 32 is the new 40.

    • The chain I work for, they’re taking full time positions and making them into PART time positions when the people retire. A head bookkeeper retired? Have her two underlings do her job! Nevermind that they only worked on her days off and only did the basic stuff. Floral dept head? Part-time, she does around 20 hours a week there. She gets about 10 hours as a cashier. When I started, I was told I could always go to Floral if I needed more hours. There used to be at least TWO people back there on a daily basis.

  3. The only people who are guaranteed a certain number of hours are the salaried employees. And they’re guaranteed lots of unpaid overtime.

  4. Glad I left retail many years ago and became a repairman for screen doors on submarines. The hours were much more predictable. 🙂

    • nosiwoda
      Yeah and the joke’s not even funny.
      Back when I was in grade school, many decades ago, submarine jokes were told with a smirk and a snigger I didn’t get because I was like seven years old. The little boys telling them thought they were hilarious.

      • I apologize for my light-hearted attempt at humor Jackie. The fact that such an esteemed and universally respected expert at humor such as yourself didn’t approve has really ruined my day. Of course, I seriously doubt you’ll understand the sarcasm either, but somehow I’ll survive the rest of the day without putting a gun to my head.

  5. Sorry Brice isn’t wrong here. You’re a minimum wage employee doing a minimum wage job. If you can’t work the hours I need you, that’s fine. No hard feelings. I just can’t use you anymore. Plenty of retail jobs out there that will work around his other jobs schedule.

    • Well, hey there, Josh. Glad to see you’re still the heartless corporate shill we hated for so long. Scammed any more companies out of a promotion these days?

    • To be honest, Donnie’s the more realistic one here, and doesn’t need to be told that. He was taking actions that fit that philosophy, knowing what kind of position he’s in. Any outrage on his point has been in response to Brice’s. If anything, Brice needs to be told that.

    • Larry,
      Brice may not be wrong but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a despicable little prick. Managers who treat those they supervise the way Brice treats those he considers his inferiors are the primary cause of low morale, high turnover, poor customer service and are the first step on the road to oblivion for the store.
      In retail there’s always something that needs to be done. If staff is standing around staring at the floor that’s the manager’s fault. Either trust people to know what they are doing and take initiative all on their own or find something for them to do.
      If I were Marla and I found out what Brice just did, I’d assign him stockroom duty on Thursday night. and I’d make sure Lunker worked Thursday night too

      • Uh huh and put Lunker over Brice since he knows what he’s doing in there and Brice doesn’t. Lunker can get him to carry the heaviest boxes.

    • Brice IS wrong. He’s not talking about ‘that’s fine, no hard feelings’. He’s criticizing Donnie’s lack of loyalty. Loyalty has to go both ways. It’s fundamental rule of human nature. No one can be loyal to something that isn’t loyal to them in return. It simply won’t happen.

    • Hey, how about this scenario:

      Brice: I’m really sorry to hear that Donnie. You’re a good employee and you work hard; I’m sorry I’m not able to give you more hours. Sales have been slow lately, but things should pick up as we get into Easter, Memorial Day, and the summer. We might be able to give you more hours then, but in the meantime do what you gotta do. Let’s talk to Cooper and Marla, and see if there’s a way to work around your new schedule. No promises, but it can’t hurt to try.

      See, THAT would be treating Donnie with respect, like you treat another human being who is, after all, just trying to make a living. But we all know that’s impossible for Brice in particular and retail in general.

      By the way, Donnie’s only been there about 2-3 years, right? And in that time he’s probably been treated like just another inconvenience by management. Consideration goes BOTH ways.

  6. It has nothing to do with ‘entitlement,’ Brice.
    It’s something called being considerate to your employees who also have lives outside their workplace. Donnie would have done the shift if it was available, if it wasn’t dropped on him at the last minute.
    This is a tactic run by all minimum-wage jobs just so they’ll get ‘new blood’ who’ll happily slave their butts off until they get sick of it. And management wonders why there’s so much ‘churn.’ It’s not very nice or ethical, but unfortunately, it’s legal.

    • Training for a pharmacy tech consists of one day learning the register, one or two days of shadowing the other workers in the pharmacy, then it’s figure it out yourself as you go along. Training for the chat line I now work in took 4 weeks of learning all of the programs we use (frankly easier to learn and use then the pharmacy programs) and learning how to take calls, and we sell primarily party supplies. There’s something wrong with being able to manage selling drugs with a week or less of training but 4 weeks minimum training to sell party supplies.

        • A lot of states actually do. Partly because the techs are still handling medicines, some of which are controlled, even if they can’t legally fill prescriptions when there’s no pharmacist on the premises.

    • steve,
      You never worked retail have you? Those cash registers aren’t cash registers. They’re computer terminals accessing a dozen different data bases via different routes . And nothing about these multiple functions makes any sense. And then there’s the stuff the store sells. Because corporate is always moving things around–it encourages impulse buying if the customer can’t find anything–you have no idea where anything is anymore than the customers do. As for answering questions about the merchandise, ha! You’re not given the information you need to answer customer questions, so don’t even go there. And then there’s handling difficult people.
      The only thing you got right is most retail training is a freaking joke.

  7. Side note has anyone look up what entitlement is? It would be hilarious if the people saying it weren’t being serious. But basically it’s a new way of calling people spoiled without the connotation that come with calling someone spoiled.

    Side note I’ve had the entitlement label placed on me recently because after the most profitable year for my company 13 monthly (yes that is apparently a thing) is over a month late. At the same time the company is taking hours away from us and giving them to employees not making minimum wage.

  8. I just had a thought, shouldn’t Brice have known about Donnie’s second job by now? Donnie told Marla he was looking for one a couple days ago, and apparently several others had as well. Shouldn’t she have given him a heads up about employees being less available?

    • Brice was probably busy trying to find some grounds to discipline Cooper for not doing things his way when Marla let him know, so he probably responded with “Uh huh, yeah, sure, thanks, busy now” and promptly forgot about it.

      • I doubt it. If this was Josh I would agree but this isn’t. Brice isn’t gonna go out of his way to catch Cooper breaking the rules.

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