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  1. Do other retail stores receive peeps packaged differently? Where I worked they weren’t boxed like the above describes at all whatsoever.

      • Generally they’re packed 6 or 12 peeps to an individual retail package, and 12 or 24 packages per case, depending on the type and flavor.
        What Donnie’s describing sounds more like how individual candy bars are packed. 24 bars per display box and 12-24 boxes per Master Case.
        It’s possible that Peeps are available that way, but I’ve never seen them.
        And I’m totally unsurprised that someone would purchase them by the case. They do the same at Halloween and Christmas, but they really have to stock up at Easter because there’s not another Candy Holiday until Halloween.

      • Pretty much what the others have described here. One display case with 24-36 packages. Number of packages depends on if it was Peeps or Pees bunnies. Specialties like chocolate dipped are a little different, but always in a display box, no smaller cases included.

    • We got them with 36 packages and each package had 10 peeps. So 360 peeps per box. So if she bought 4 boxes it would equal 1440.

  2. Never much cared for Peeps. Though last year I was making hot chocolate and we were out of marshmallows. So I took one of my young nieces peeps, ripped it apart for the chocolate but made sure the head was in her cup. The look on her face was priceless.

    And no she wasn’t traumatize, she thought it was really funny. It was just the initial shock on her face when she first saw what I did, that was great.

  3. Peeps are too sweet even for my sweet tooth. I’m getting nauseous just thinking of one package of peeps let alone 1440 of em. Poor girl will be sick to her stomach with cavities galore.

  4. So? She might use them as prizes at a large party or sell them somewhere where they can’t be bought in a store. Why is this a problem?

  5. You thought the Lilliputians were silly with their internecine wars between “big-endians” and “little-endians”? Never get involved in the Peeps “fresh or stale” debate.

    And if you tell me fresh ones are better than stale ones, I’ll rip your lungs out. XP

    • Yeah, what the Old Wolf said. My Peeps® sit in the cupboard for a week with the cellophane slit open until they reach the perfect point of staleness.

    • I’ve found the perfect way to age them is to poke a small hole in each corner of the cellophane wrap and leave them to sit in the back seat of the car for about a week, as long as it’s not hot enough to melt them. They should be perfectly ripe, and you don’t have to wait around for months to get to the “chewy” stage

  6. I tried eating those things before. You have two of them before you realize there’s not really any flavor to them and you’re really eating nothing but gelatized pure sugar. It turned my stomach after that experience. Yuck! I’ll stick to chocolate, thank you.

    • “You’re really eating nothing but gelatized pure sugar.”

      Well, yes. They’re marshmallows. Gelatin and sugar is pretty much literally all they are.

  7. Most of you are assuming she is going to eat these Peeps. She might be performing her own miniature version of Masterpiece Theater with them. Or she might be doing something really nefarious with them.

  8. I’m 100% with the customer.

    Peeps are amazing.

    I buy a few boxes every year. Though, they are ridiculously sugary and sweet so I can’t eat more than 2 or 3 a day.

  9. I’ve had similar experiences and my biggest regret was that I was always too busy to tail the customer and see how the cashier reacted.

  10. Look at the bright side, at least this customer is fully aware of what she’s getting into.

    You can’t say that about many customers.

  11. An acquaintance of mine just said she buys them for her husband, who lets them set out and get dry & hard for 1 year. Then he eats them. That is, by far, the grossest thing to do with them.

  12. “I’m purchasing 1,440 individual PEEPS. I understand completely.” The amount specificed is 10 times a gross (144), for those of you commenting on the eating quality of the Peeps.

  13. A peep here and there is okay, but I couldn’t imagine eating that many. But hey look on the bright side Donnie, one less box to put out.

  14. I do the same thing at my local Kroger all the time when it comes to Berry Lemonade Jones Soda. I seriously clear out the shelf completely. I have done it so many times that there is now more self space for that flavor than any other flavor.

    That reminds me I’m running low…

  15. She should come to my store around Easter, I have been getting cases with easily double that amount. With no fiddly packaging to get in the way. They are intended to go on cakes, but they usually send three boxes of the little hellspawn. We barely use one. Heck, the day after my boss would probably let her have the whole thing super cheap.

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