28 thoughts on “February 27, 2017

  1. pppssshhh those robin eggs that they sell during Easter I have no shame in buying out a stores stock for myself. I don’t even hide the fact that I have no kids. (Which is good seeing that I am only 27 and can barely take care of myself)

    • Robin’s eggs are the absolute best!!!! My husband and I eat far more than we should from the time they come out in the stores until they’ve disappeared for good. The imitations don’t measure up either.

    • Reminds me of when my husband and I went to buy my favourite cake at the grocery store. It was for my birthday, but the two of us were just going to eat it in one sitting (not for a party). The woman asked if it was for a birthday and I was all, “Yes, mine.” *grin* Then she asked if I wanted anything written on it so I totally had her write “Happy Birthday [name]”. Best. Cake. Ever.

  2. Guess I shouldn’t have felt kinda silling for buying one of the big, ziplock equiped bag of peanutbutter M&Ms to stash in the filing cabinet in my cube’ at work then…………

  3. Most customers wouldn’t act the least bit ashamed, they’d get angry with her for assuming they were for the kids. I hope he’s not planning to eat all of that at one sitting though.

  4. The customer could also be a former addict. I’ve seen a few substitute them by eating a lot of snacks. ALMOST equal to how much they used to use whatever substance they did.

  5. I’d rather wait to buy holiday-themed candy AFTER the holiday’s over, when it’s half-price. If you get lucky a little later, they’ll mark it further down to 70% and there might still be something good left. (Heck, I actually scored a small box of chocolates for 18 cents just this morning!)

  6. Better stock up, buddy.
    This is the last candy holiday ’til Halloween.
    Also when Mars, Nestle, Hershey’s, Lindt, Godiva, et al send all their employees on vay cay.

  7. I buy a bag of the Easter Sweetarts and Blow Pops all for me. My great niece has a Mother, Grandparents, an Aunt, an Uncle, and Great Grandparents to give her candies galore.

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