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    If you say ‘no’ they will say ‘well, don’t you have any color close to pink’ and

    If you say the colors close to pink, they get mad that it isn’t what they want.

    Either way, they just want to complain.

    • Seems like the best way is it say “No, but we do have ….”.

      They may not be any happier, but you’ve covered both bases.

  2. If it had been available in pink it would’ve been the wrong shade of pink (like the crazy lady who wanted a vase that was “true” blue, not just any blue!).

    • Though remember, Val got Marla out of that one by creating a fake label for a vase Crazy Hat Lady had been shown several times. Especially since it’s a dress, this lady isn’t going to fall for that. How would Val resolve this one?

      • Have her remind the woman of the black and blue dress that for some reason everyone thought was white and gold, and tell her that the dress is actually pink.

        • I didn’t get that, either. I never once was able to get it to appear white and gold despite people telling me to look at it from other angles. Methinks those people need corrective lenses.

  3. I would actually prefer “No” for an answer. It’s really unfortunate that most people don’t see things my way.

    I’ve once asked for yarn, and was offered a spool of thread as a substitute.

    Another time I’ve asked for lemon juice, but instead had balsamic vinegar suggested to me.

  4. This is why people need to stop discriminating against teaching the arts in school. Maybe if she took some art classes, that old bag would know exactly what help Val was offering.

    • And maybe she knew exactly what she wanted and Val’s well-intentioned suggestion wasn’t helping. Which is what the woman’s response said.

      She didn’t ask for color advice (e.g., “What do you have that would go with this coat?”), so Val’s return question was a bit presumptuous. She’s right, lavender and purple aren’t pink, so Val’s comment about the color wheel was more than a bit presumptuous. And pretty snobby.

      Look, I get that the strip gets much of its humor from the antics of customers. But some of the coments today were over the top. Especially your “old bag” remark.

      OK, Mr. Fueti set up the joke and perhaps the woman could have been nicer. And val w*was* trying to help. But what she said wasn’t that bad.

      Yes, this is just a comic strip. But I’m used to the comments being generally more reasoned and entertaining.

      So the insults? Wow.

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