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        • Sad but true.

          That’s my comment but it’s long not enough for this site, I guess they want everyone to bloviate to a long post. Hopefully I’ve bloviated enough now.

        • Larry,
          Trump and his minions are on video, on tape, in print, on twitter saying all kinds of hateful awful things. Who are we to believe? You and your alternative facts? Or our own lying eyes?

          • Oh like praying for the fallen Navy Seal who was killed in Yemen this week? Yeah that’s awful.

        • Larry, you’re joking right?
          Speaking as an outsider (Not American) I’ve seen plenty of hate spewed by both sides. Don’t delude yourself.

          • There was no Obama hate. There was dislike for him pushing through the most executive orders in history. There was dislike for funding Palestine. There was dislike for the Iran and Cuban deals.

          • I can’t reply to Larry, so I’ll chime in here: Was it just “dislike” that led people to post Photoshops of Obama as a bushman? Or the White House with a watermelon patch? Or were those (and others to numerous to mention) too “lighthearted” in intent?

          • @Larry Dude, get a grip on reality. “There was dislike for him pushing through the most executive orders in history”
            Barrack Obama – 276 executive orders issued
            George W. Bush – 291
            Richard Nixon – 346
            Franklin Delano Roosevelt – 3,522 (sic!)

            I knew that before I checked wikipedia, and I’m not even American.

            “There’s been no hate but from one side”
            And why would trumpians spread hate NOW?! They’ve WON.

        • what alternate reality do you live in where there is no hate coming from conservatives?? Did you miss the entire thing about building a wall on the US-Mexico border and the compulsory registration of Muslim people or do you think that somehow is perfectly reasonable and not rooted in racism/.

        • Really? The KKK, Nazis, Tea Party, are liberals?
          And here I thought the entire Republican party screaming for the extermination of all minorities the past 8 years were conservatives.

        • Um excuse me? The man in the oval office campaigned on a basis of hate: Hate for immigrants, hate for veterans, hate for the poor, hate for women, hate for anyone who doesn’t fit the wealthy white male profile. He has brought in an unapologetic, in-your-face dyed in the wool white supremacist who makes no secret of his hatred and contempt for anyone with a darker skin than his own. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Excuse me if I think people like this are worthy of only contempt, not just from the liberals but from any decent human being.

      • And THANKS OBAMA for making it legal for the CIA to spy on American Citizens on his way out.

        Trump’s CIA. Obama’s last day in office.

        Thanks Obama, bloody well done.

      • Lothar is merely stating how things would work if Cooper ‘made the guy regret it’. The law does not concern itself with right or wrong; it concerns itself only with what is and isn’t legal. And assault, regardless of provocation is illegal.

        There would be no positive outcome if Cooper beat the guy up. Cooper would be arrested and charged with assault. He’d lose his job. He’d probably get sued as well. The jerk customer would still be a jerk – worse, getting the snot beat out of him would make HIM the victim rather than the aggressor, and would only serve to reinforce his bigoted opinion of others. People like that never learn, because they refuse to.

  1. There have been a string of posts arguing that Val should suck it up. And that Cooper should not even think of intervening when he sees a co-worker or his girl friend being abused by a jerk. Most of these posters seem to be running on the assumption that standing up for one’s self is somehow the same as being offended by every little slight, real or perceived.
    It isn’t.
    Yeah, let it slide until you can’t anymore and then don’t. And keep in mind that if you are treated with disrespect, you will soon lose all respect for yourself.
    And now it’s story time.
    A long time ago I worked in a small record store. The pay was lousy, the customers too often came in stoned and stupid, but the manager was fantastic and had a real love for all kinds of music and he respected the people he worked with. He left and was replaced with an idiot. This idiot’s attitude toward us was “I’m the boss and you’re dirt”. And he insisted on referring to me as “Baby” even though he knew I didn’t like it. So I quit. I gave him notice the day I walked out. And he called me “Baby” and I told him that’s not my name and he walked up to me and told me that he could call me whatever he liked. Except he was stupid and got too close. I grabbed his shirt front and twisted and pulled and got in his face and told him through clenched teeth “You ever call me that again and I will f**king kill you”. Then I let go and he all but fell flat on the floor, face ashen, terrified. For me, payback was priceless.
    Putting up with abuse and pretending it doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t do damage is stupid because it does hurt and does do damage.
    You think kids bullied in school come out of that unscathed. You think people bullied in the workplace or at home come out of that unscathed. They don’t.

    • It is sad when just to make a living you’re expected to allow yourself to be bullied. That’s what it amounts to if you have a boss like Stuart and you’re expected to suck up to customers and just take it when they call you names and abuse you. It’s very sad.

    • “There have been a string of posts arguing that Val should suck it up.” – OK, for a moment, let’s stay that Val does stand up for herself? The question is – HOW? How can she do that without risking her job? You were already on the way out the door, so I don’t think the way you handled your boss is going to work here. If she stood up verbally, then it’s likely to escalate – how is that going to end in Val’s favor? Especially if Stuart gets wind of it?

      If she can’t stand up for herself, then letting it go is the only viable alternative. You can’t win every fight with a jerk.

  2. First of all, let’s calm down. This is only a comic strip.

    Second, I haven’t seen anyone tell a black person to go back where they came from. The people I’ve seen being told that are Asians (like me) or Middle Easterners.

    Third, it is just a flustered customer. Words might annoy but at least I don’t have physical threats being made against me. I love Cooper (like most of probably), but threatening and/or carrying through on violence is much worse. Way to go Val for being reasonable.

    • “I haven’t seen anyone tell a black person to go back where they came from”

      Just because you haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean it never happens.

      • Amanda,
        You’re right.
        Stupid white people telling black people to go back where they came from happens all the time. The only difference is the “came from” is assumed to be another state rather than another country.

  3. The type of crap people have to take in minimum-wage jobs just to survive (like myself) should be commended. It’s like those people who tell me to “learn to speak English” when the real irony is that I actually was born in England (no lie, got the birth certificate to prove it) and speak better English than they do!

    And another thing they teach you in England that is so lacking in today’s world? Proper manners.

    • Personally, I’ve come to have a great deal of respect for many of those who I encounter where English is not their primary language. Like most US Citizens, I speak one language. These ESL people speak, at a minimum, two, and frequently more languages. *I* am the one who has a communications handicap.

  4. why is val saying Until the rent is due?
    Why not say well if you did, I wouldnt have you here any more and then that guy would have succeeded in ruining my life and cried a little bit.

    That is so much cooler than the way she said it.

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