22 thoughts on “February 4, 2017

  1. You know since the comic seems to have shifted its focus on to Val and Cooper I wonder if we are going to get a Valentine engagement… not that they have to get married I just want to see Brice have to deal with it.

  2. You learn in Retail not to let jerk customers bother you. Once they leave the front door, chances are you probably won’t see them again for a while, if ever. Does no good to dwell on it. Cooper probably hasn’t had to deal with too many jerks since he works in the stock room and hasn’t learned to “let it go” like Val has. He’ll get it eventually.

    • True. That’s how I cope (I work in a call center). I don’t get that many really annoying types, but those few, I just remind myself that once I finish the call notes, they’re in my rearview mirror and I’ll probably never interact with them again. They’re stuck living in their heads.

    • After about a dozen years in retail, fellow employees, who had been in retail for less than a couple of years, were shocked when I had forgotten about an incident with a “disgruntled customer” that had occurred a couple of weeks before. I told them I barely even think about the incidents after I leave the store.

  3. Val has more experience dealing with racism, sure, but just about all of us have had experiences dealing with some kind of -ism in our lives. I know we women can list example after example of sexist comments and attitudes of sexism in our lives, not only from males but females. If you have a defining “feature” you may have heard joke after joke about it til you’re ready to clobber the next person who mentions it. You have to either come to terms that feature and ignore the “jokes” and remarks or go nuts, or go on a killing spree. It’s best to do what Val has, learn to let it roll off them. It says more about the idiot who makes such remarks than the one they’re making them to. How about how every retail worker has heard the “It must be free” joke til they want to scream??

      • Due to the format of my workplace (you buy, we pick) we rarely get that joke.

        Buut we test every single note we get with a tester pen, so we get jokes all the time about having a good printer.

  4. So the first thing Cooper does is resort to name-calling and threaten violence. I never thought of him as a democrat before but I guess the signs have always been there.

      • Uh, no. The democrats have been turning over cars, lighting buildings on fire, and assaulting people in universities just for being not democrat. Facts matter, kid.

        • That’s right. This time the democrats didn’t get their way so they reacted badly like little children denied a trip to Disneyworld. I never saw any reaction like that for 8 years from republicans when they didn’t get their way.

        • These must be those alt facts I’ve been hearing about.

          You’re the one that resorted to name calling and linking behavior you don’t like with a political party. You’re just oozing hypocrisy.

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