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    • My Station Manager is on salary and they still make her clock in and out via the time clock and if she wants to leave early due to illness she has to call our District Supervisor to get permission.

        • It makes sense from company liability standpoint. This way if they clock out at 7:00 and throw there back out at 7:05 because they were helping someone on the way to the car it is not an injury sustained while working. that and if you have manger who constantly works less than 40 hours they know who to fire first.

    • More money overall. The 80 hour weeks tend to mean you make less per hour though, since they abuse the “salaried” part of the position to only pay you for 40 hours max.

    • The only reason I can see to ever work retail management at store level is if your end goal is to be in corporate management some day. Where I work one of our CSMs voluntarily went to being a cashier just because the stress was not worth it. also where I work everyone who is full time gets health benefits and PTO manger or not.

  1. In my store, salaried management-store and assistant managers-are required to work 45 hrs a week plus be available to stay longer/come in earlier/fill in whenever necessary…I was forced into lower management when the company did away with my ft position during restructuring. It’s bad enough dealing with corporate b/s on my level, I can’t even imagine what would possess someone to want to move up that retail ladder into slavery.

  2. well at least now people making less then 47,500/yr salaried can get overtime so I wonder if the zuchini heads of the world are watching the manager and AM hrs.

      • It is on hold. There were some people angry at where I work because they were going to get slight raises to be at the minimum, but once it was placed on hold HR said “never mind”

        • Not in NJ. I sued back in 1980 and got all my OT. It was settled out of court because the employer did not have a leg to stand on. I know Wally World doesn’t pay OT in NJ. About time for a class action.

  3. There he goes being an a$$ again. I’d ask him how many hours HE worked last week. Of course his “work” consists of badgering the store managers to nag about how many hours they work and why they didn’t make their sales goals, and sell those stupid credit cards and why some customer called to bellyache about why they couldn’t get a full refund when they didn’t have a receipt and how the store employee was so “rude” when they told them that.

  4. It only counts as slacking if you are salaried. If you are hourly and actually entitled to OT, then it is a sign that you aren’t doing your job fast enough (although most likely you are trying to do the job of 3 people) and you need written up for wasting the companies resources.

    • Indeed, indeed. I have never worked in the medical field but having had a mother who was an ER nurse for many years I can tell you that there would be days she was lucky to get only a 14 hour shift on that job. And if it snowed and you were stuck in the hospital, well guess you work the next whether you like it or not.

  5. “Only in retail…”

    Wait until you discover factory work. Some parts of the year (or even a whole year) overtime is mandatory and include weekends. Heck one year I did a solid month of twelve hour nights every night. Downside is I can’t remember what I did. I think I survived off coffee and red bull.

  6. this reminds me of a true story i read: a business was forcing its employees to work at least one hour of overtime a DAY…a woman took a two week vacation, and when she came back, she was told, “you owe us 14 hours of overtime for not working during your vacation”!
    “you can fire my ass” was her reply.

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