19 thoughts on “February 9, 2017

  1. I hate jobs like that, they expect you to do the work, and when you do, then they fire you just because they feel like your not working hard enough.

  2. Management do it all the time where I work. It seems grossly unfair. Why do they not pay you extra if you cannot do your job by just working your prescribed hours?

  3. As much as I hate “And you think you have it rough?” comparison stories, much of what I hear about standard business practices in Japan would have it so that the appearance of Marla’s husband and kid means it’s her day off and she finally got to leave the store.

    • Yeah, and they are having major issues of a low birthrate and high suicide rates. There country is in cultural deadlock and a good number of the youth choose to study in other countries and end up staying there. They are dealing with a ageing working population problem that’s vastly aggravated by untenable work expectations and the attitude of work the current people harder if you cant fine someone who fits the company’s culture to hire.

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