35 thoughts on “January 1, 2013

  1. Nerf guns at work? That would be awesome!

    Sadly, I’ve never worked anywhere where that would be allowed in any way, shape, or form. Besides, I could never shoot my coworkers. With foam ammo, anyway.

    • I thought about it once. Of course, while I felt it would make long closings more entertaining, I feared the store manager would find it to be grounds for my immediate termination. In hindsight, it totally would have been worth it.

      • That’ll depend on your industry. From my experience, it’s more likely to happen in gaming, where playful imaginations and large groups are common. It’s not as tolerated in places developing business or industrial applications.

        • Well, yeah, I’m aiming at going into gaming but I’m not opposed to other types of programming if I’m having trouble getting a job in gaming.

  2. I would gladly trade Coop his New Year’s Shift for my 9 PM – 7:30 AM New Year’s shift at a resort hotel. At least people aren’t partying at Grumbel’s… except in Teen Apparel, of course.

    • Don’t know why I didn’t think of this last night (must have been too tired and grumpy), buuuuuut……………


      • Took me a minute to figure it out since I haven’t fallen into the whole ZOMBIE thing.

        One of my favorite on line posters makes fun of people that claim they’ll be a tough guy/master marksmen but scream like a little girl at the sight of a little spider…………..on a computer screen.

  3. Watching a playthrough right now of The Walking Dead. Wondering if Cooper ever played it who his favorite character would be? I have a tie between Lee and Clementine.

  4. Grateful to the commenters who explained the joke – I’m hopelessly out of touch with all the vampire stuff, and haven’t had TV or cable for over 15 years…

  5. There are graphic novels. My sister has all of them. I haven’t read them yet, but she’s promised to lend me a couple of volumes. I might even read them at work! (Just not during working time.)

  6. Our office is in a corner location in a mall. My co-workers and I have always wanted to shoot Nerf darts at people who walk through our office instead of going around the corner.

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