22 thoughts on “January 1, 2017

    • You know what is sad? I had such a family drama filled Christmas that at times I was looking forward to this kind of thing. At least retail craziness is predictable for the most part.

  1. An older man — one if he first customers of the day and whom I had never seen before in our small store — once said this to me and I had no reaction. I just kept scanning his items.

    He commented to me that I had no reaction and wondered why? Did I not even find his joke even a little bit funny?

    There was no one else around so I stopped, looked at him and said “Look, you seem like a nice man and I’m not meaning to offend you by saying this but I’ve probably heard that line a 1000 times. After a while you just have no reaction to it.”

    He looked at me, somewhat surprised and then had an “aha” moment. “Yeah, I get it. I can see how you’d eventually not find that funny!”

    We laughed and there was no rudeness on either side.

    But it was one of those rare moments when I was able to actually educate a customer on seeing something from a staff perspective.

    • Like you, I just ignore it and move on. It’s hard to fake a smile with that dumb line after you’ve heard it hundreds of times.

  2. In his defense, maybe he’s just making a goofy joke to try and lighten the moment. He sees her looking serious and tries to cheer her up. Hey, at least he tried.

      • Because it’s not an attempt to be friendly. It’s a socially aggressive method to get affirmation from someone who could lose her job if she doesn’t laugh at his lame joke.

  3. It would be nice if it was a requirement that every time a cashier heard that “joke” the customer saying it had to pay them ten bucks. There ought to be signs all over the store to that effect.

  4. “And when the blood vision cleared, your honor, I was standing over his unmoving body, with the box in my hand, smashed into mashed cranberry sauce along with his face.”

  5. That line often gets a laugh out of me. Of course, I’m laughing AT them, not with them…

    I had a supervisor who once asked rhetorically “Can you work in retail and not hate people?”
    “Sure you can,” I replied. “I don’t hate people. I think they’re hilarious.”

  6. The hoke was funny for about a month in the 80s when the big push to electronic scanners was taking place in most chain retail stores.

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