3 thoughts on “January 10, 2006

  1. Yeah, I don’t know anything about the products here, I only spend most of my waking hours dealing with them…

  2. Once an employee at forever 21 looked for a blouse for me. It wasn’t listed in the system that the size was there, but she insisted she’d check. And then she came back with the blouse in my size. It was really nice of her, and hardworking. Maybe the comic is different because they know for a fact the size isn’t there, but I appreciated the employee who went out of her way.

  3. a few weeks ago went looking for a vaccuum at walmart. The shelf was empty. The girl said nope those are gone and started walking away. I said can you please at least check. She continued to walk away.

    I got a supervisor and asked if she could at least call another walmart and see if they had one there or at least when they expected another one. She went into the back and guess what..she actually found two. Perhaps it is the way you ask that might get them to go in the back. Just my experience.

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