17 thoughts on “January 10, 2018

    • Seriously. That sort of thing is a “search on your phone” item; always assume that your work computer use log goes straight to HR and your direct manager. At my previous (retail) job the stated policy was “no non-work-related internet use while the store is open, excepting searching for basic news (eg, weather, CNN headlines, etc).” Of course, the web filter would stop most searches anyhow, even ones directly related to work (ironically, even though we sold mostly alcohol, “alcohol” was a prohibited category!).

      • Heck, not /even/ on the phone, if your internet access is going through the store’s wi-fi instead of your carrier network (and maybe not even if you /are/ on mobile data).

        At least one big-box retailer openly filters Facebook* through its wi-fi; almost certainly the store’s name in a web search is going to be a keyworded filter alert for IT.

        (*weirdly, they only filter the media cdn, not text posts.)

      • My work allows us to use non-work related websites BUT… no Facebook and no streaming video. 😀 It’s a cool job. (and can sometimes be very boring)

  1. Check if the CEO is a real estate guy. He might be after the company’s real estate assets (close the store and sell the property). If the company is losing money, you might want to ask where the money is coming from.

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