31 thoughts on “January 11, 2017

  1. Has anyone had Monopoly money used? I have seen photocopies, etc., but not Monopoly. On the other hand, it would not surprise me.

  2. I once talked to a waitress who had a customer give her a hundred dollar bill for a bill of less than 10 dollars. She had to break it out of her own pocket. I’ve been to countries where merchants will refuse bills which are too big.

    • I Worked in a Philly Pretzel factory in collage, one pretzel was 75 cents, had someone buy one pretzel and pay with a hundred dollar bill.

    • lots of fast food places where I live have seanes saying they will not take anything over a 20 just to avoid having to make change for it.

      • joe,
        And you sound like zucchini head.
        What’s in the register at the beginning of the day is there in anticipation of normal customers not creatures who want to pay for a dollar purchase with a hundred dollar bill.
        As the day goes on, what’s in the register depends entirely on how customers pay for their purchases. This cannot be planned for. In addition, a lot of businesses would prefer to not have in the register more cash than they can afford to lose. There are theses things called “thieves” out there.
        And in fact, many businesses reserve the right to refuse to take a large denomination bill for a small purchase. You want to break a hundred buying chewing gum? Go to a bank and then buy your chewing gum.

        • Actually, making change for a 20 should be fairly easy, and if a business cannot make such change, then that can only be chalked up to poor planning.

          • I’ve had it happen once where I could not break a twenty… Because the first customer I had got $200 cash back on their debit card, and once the transaction’s completed there’s nothing I can do to undo it. So, 6am, I had to empty out every twenty, ten, and half my fives… because some idiot customer demanded a ridiculous amount of cash back without checking that I have it first.

            I had no way of getting more money for my registry until the bookkeeper came in, at 9. So for three hours, I had to tell everyone paying with a card that they cannot get cash back, and everyone paying with a twenty that they’re getting fives and ones. I ran out of fives before 9.

            That wasn’t poor planning on our part.

    • Uh, inflation is low, unemployment fairly low, wage growth up a bit and household debt at the lowest point since 1980. Not perfect, but certainly not horrible. Obviously some people aren’t doing well but that is true in any economy.

    • The economy isn’t a problem. Sure, anything and everything could be better than it is, but that’s always true. The economy is certainly better than it was a decade ago.

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