22 thoughts on “January 11, 2018

  1. Win+L ?

    Oh wait, no personalized accounts?

    Hey, why not just give all data to everyone while we’re at it.

    They’re not closing this store anyways, because plot armor.

    • Cooper has no access to that computer. Marla simply had left her account open when she went out for a drink and the monitor came alive when Cooper accidentally pushed the mouse with the papers.

      In my workplace the PC-s are set to automatically lock if left unattended for a few minutes, even before the screen would go dark, but apparently Marla’s PC is set differently.

  2. Cooper’s actually happy about it. He won’t be smiling for long if they do close the store, and he and Val are left with no money.

      • Agreed, I no longer work in retail, but I do work in printed media, (aka hot gluing magazines together), another industry that’s in a rapid state of decline. I’ve been doing it for almost a decade, the 12 hour rotating shifts are grueling and hell on my back. As much as I don’t want to see anyone out of work, I’m 32 years old and eagerly anticipating the chance to do something else. The day is quickly approaching.

        • I should add that my local Sears Canada location closed permanently on Monday, all the others are soon to follow. As a former employee I went over to say good-bye. I was standing outside the mall entrance at 8 p.m. when the doors were locked for the last time.

    • Losing a job doesn’t mean you now have no money. There’s usually better jobs available to someone with that kind of experience.

      • It’s been said that the hardest job you’ll ever have is hunting for a job. There’s a certain amount of truth to that.

        No one wants to go looking for a new job. But if Cooper finds himself with no schedule, that makes hunting a lot easier – and with no guilt over letting fellow employees down. Happiness may be a bit over the top, but it would be a big relief – kinda like how it can feel real good to no longer bang your head on the wall.

  3. By comparison to my early years, it seems rare to hear of an employee getting a long service award, aka, the 25 year watch.

    • The watch would certainly be better than choosing an item from their ‘catalog’ of assorted junk. The only really practical items in ours were luggage (like we can afford to go on big long vacations) or a digital camera. I chose the camera for my 15th’s gift, it took worse pictures than my already cheap smartphone, I ended up giving it away.

    • I retired after 25 years with a family-owned drug store chain (61 stores). Good company but still had all the customer quriks, etc to deal with. But if you retire after more than 20 years you get a lifetime employee discount (cost plus 12%) which is a great savings when I need household items and toiletries, even some food.

  4. They might not be closing this particular Grumbels, but guaranteed they’re closing some of them. Maybe even Brice’s store, though I doubt it. Would be an interesting twist.

    But I do see rumors spreading fast, because that’s exactly how it happens.

  5. Twist: All the Grumbels stores in Stuarts region close except for Marlas and one other. Marla then learns Stuart fought specifically to keep her store open because it used to be his.

    • Strange coincidence. The strips are done 6 weeks in advance. However last week “Fast Eddie” announced another round of closing for Sears/KMART. But “Fast Eddie” announced a round of closings the same week in 2017 as well.

    • I saw that news today, too. And in the same broadcast they mentioned Walmart raising its wages. I wonder if the Sam’s are closing so the Waltons can afford those raises.

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