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    • Not really, ouroboros tends to be completely enclosed whereas there’s non grumbles employees putting money into the system and unless Grumbles has moved into the property and grocery markets the employees have to spend some of their money elsewhere. Probably closer to the old school company store that miners had to use.

    • Retail employees don’t have bills silly, they are all (even the granny working the watch station) high schoolers who dont need a living wage.

  1. They’ll cut hours anyway. Unless the employee is spending inordinate amounts of money at the store, it will not be equal to what the store saves by reducing payroll.

    • I once had a job (not retail!) where the employer put up signs telling employees how to get their maximum benefits from the employer. One was to contribute enough to your retirement plan so as to get the max contribution from the employer. (Good!) Another was to be sure to bring your family to the annual company picnic. (WTF!?!)

  2. I’ve known of stores that would fire you if you were caught shopping at a store they considered their competition. I really wonder how they can get away with this. It’s flat wrong to be fired for anything you do away from the store, but they manage to find a way.

  3. I used to work at a store whose dress code was only merchandise bought there. They gave you until your second payday to start complying. To top it off, it had to be current styles, so you couldn’t go to GoodWill and look for their last season stuff. Needless to say, I didn’t last long.

    • Was this a dedicated clothing shop? If it was I can understand their point, but I’d expect them to heavily discount your work clothes.

      I once had a little chuckle when I was being served in a clothing store by a shop assistant who was wearing a quite distinctive top that was identical to the one I had on. It came from a well known department store and not the one we were standing in.

      It was amusing, and hasn’t stopped me shopping there … I was after clothes for social events and not work wear.

  4. I swear that it seems like corporate is trying hard without being obvious about it to run the company out of business.

    Of course that can most likely be said about most if not all corporations today.

  5. One step away from paying their employees partially (or fully) scrip, I bet.

    (Yes, I’m well aware that that’s is illegal. If companies could find a legal way to do it, they would.)

  6. Just for fun, someone please explain to me how this is different from the “buy local” movement? Isn’t that just expanding the idea of what buying from the store is?

    • I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure “buy local” means buying from locally-owned businesses, especially if you’re buying locally-made items. Now, unless this is taking place in the same city that Grumbel’s has its headquarters, a nationwide chain generally doesn’t count as “local”.

      • You are correct, that is what buy local means.

        I try to do it often, but it can be difficult when you don’t have a car to get to the places that specialize in local merch, or to the farms & farmers’ markets. I do the best I can.

  7. So, it’s a choice between having your hours cut back (which would happen anyway), or putting a good chunk of your piddling little paycheck back into the company? That’s fine, if the store sells things you really need or want, but what if your store sells mostly junk?

    Yeah, I’d just take the cut to my hours and sell stuff on Etsy and Ebay, thank you very much. 🙂

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