35 thoughts on “January 12, 2018

  1. …is the right answer…

    So much much better than…
    ‘Why did you leave your last job?’
    ‘I blew up the store’…. 🙂

  2. I had to wait almost 20 years for my old store to go belly up. Last laugh = me. If this makes me a terrible person, so be it. But they so deserved it. Now if the whole chain would just finish dying.

  3. The juvenile mentality of retail. Everyone I work with hates their job but we value the pay. Cooper is too short-sighted to care.

    • More like he’s being a total jerk: all his friends at work there are in peril of losing their jobs, and he WANTS it to happen?

  4. I don’t like this turn of Cooper. But maybe this is the only way to break the curse of the Sanzen. Once the store is gone, he has to find something else outside of his comfort zone. Cooper’s an idiot not to realize once the store is gone, so is the old Cooper. So Cooper gets a job at an Amazon fullfillment center? Marla manages a new town center boutique? Crystal … becomes a waiteress at a health spa organic food counter?

  5. So following this arc, and setting aside it is a comic strip that is oddly related to today’s retail headlines, some concerns. I know we all like Marla, but it is the worst management practice to spread rumors and encourage speculation. Second, she appears to have found Cooper using her desk computer — he should be reprimanded, and I consider this a firing offense. I know Grumbel’s is classically poorly led, but the quarterly earnings report should have been sent to all store managers prior to being made public, and Marla should have reviewed it then. I know we all like Marla, but, sometimes, she is not a very good manager. Her job is to make her store too strong a performer for Grumbel’s to close.

    • Marla wasn’t spreading a rumor. She was researching and got “caught”. I think to say Cooper was “using” her computer is a little strong – he was putting stuff on her desk, bumped the mouse, the screen “unsaved”, and he saw it.

    • My store’s office is open-plan, and any of the employees in three departments have some reason to be at their manager’s desk (for one, that’s where a lot of random supplies are kept). On occasion I’ve bumped the mouse while leaving/getting something and the screen woke up…that’s not “using” the computer.

    • The first thing she should have said was “Get up from my desk and stop looking at my computer.” The answer to the question he asked in the last panel of the 1.11 strip is: “I don’t know anything about that and you don’t either. Please go back to work.” By saying “I heard a rumor . . . ” she is spreading a rumor. But this workplace has always been gossipy. Makes for a great story arc, but it’s bad management not to discourage gossip.

  6. I have been through a takeover (Macy’s bought out the May Company), and that wasn’t pretty. I’m quietly gleeful that Macy’s is having such a dismal time now and struggling in the marketplace. I hate to see former coworkers lose their job though.

  7. No you don’t Cooper. I have worked a store closing. You think your customers are whiny and entitles NOW? Wait until they’re demanding a $50 pair of jeans for $1 because “you’re going out of business anyway.” Had one guy who said “nobody told me all sales were final!” My manager had had enough at that point and told him “sir, there’s a 150 signs in this store saying that, plus we stamp it on your receipt, I have a hard time believing you missed all that information.”

  8. If stores are closing it also means less district managers it just not Marla’s job and Coopers thats on the line. Depending the rumours going about. Old Stewart could be shaking in his shoes.

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