14 thoughts on “January 14, 2018

  1. Yep, right on time for “But I don’t want it anymore.” season. After all, everyone who’s already got theirs has mentioned to everyone else that it wasn’t worth it.

    • Just like the fidget craze. I have seen some stores refuse to order the spinners until the craze ends and then start offering the toys for pennies on the dollar.

      • Oh, that’s easy – Stuart will make it appear Marla’s not filling the holiday sales quota brought down the entire chain!!

    • Sunday is rarely part of the story arc. The only real exception was the firing of Courtney, but that was more of a broader story line and not a tight fit.

  2. We had this happen with those Zhu Zhu things. The store I worked at had a limited shipment of them (like maybe a dozen) around the holidays. Then like in February we got multiple cases of them and hardly anyone bought them unless they went on sale.

  3. Okay, we got a ton of cash from the Christmas people buying them out. Now, let’s get rid of all the ones we had, but chose not to sell to create an artificial shortage.

  4. My supply chain prof had us play “The Beer Game.” Essentially, I was the local bar, and there were 5 others in a supply chain. I got my orders for the day (like 6 beers, 8 beers, that sort of thing), and I made my request for supplies from my supplier, who did the same for his, etc.

    Well, my requests peaked at about 12 per period. Meanwhile, my distributor had run out, so I would create larger orders to stockpile in case he ran out again. He’d do the same from his supplier, and so on.

    Our prof told us when he did this with professional groups, he’d cap the bar at 12 after a few periods, but pretty soon they were receiving shipments of about 1000 cases. “Little wiggles make big wiggles” was our lesson (and that all levels of the chain need to talk to each other).

  5. Reminds me of the Hatchimals last Christmas. You couldn’t find them to save your life, now they’re everywhere, and all the kids that got one probably forgot about it within a week.

  6. I work for a grocery chain and our warehouse “lost” our fruitcake allocations right before thanksgiving and the stores just reported receiving their fruitcake allocations last week 🤦🏽‍♀️

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