25 thoughts on “January 17, 2017

  1. $230 bucks! Jesus, what are they made of ? Solid gold and break out into song when you open the box? The most I have ever seen a giant box of valentines candy go for is like $30.

    • Depends on the quality of chocolate. The higher-end chocolates can be very expensive, as they use higher-quality ingredients and generally taste much better.

      Let’s just say your significant other will be more pleased with a small box of the Lake Champlain chocolates that Corwin mentioned than a 50 lb box of Palmer’s.

    • To echo a few posters here already, depends on the quality of chocolate. There are two chains in my area that has better, more expensive chocolate. Rogers and Purdy’s. I just got my sister in law a couple of boxes for her birthday from Purdy’s, a box of Sweet Georgia Browns, (think fancy turtles) a box of assorted, a small bag of English Toffee, and I spend $50. For about a total of 40 pcs. It’s pricey, but so much better than standard store brands. We also have a local place here on the island called “Hot Chocolates”, that specializes in truffles, and they are very expensive. You will pay for a box of 24 between 30-40 bucks. But you won’t want to eat more than 1 or 2 pieces at a time because it is so rich and delicious. I mean you could,, but the sugar rush and stomach ache after might not be worth it! LOL They make it all by hand in store… amazing products!

  2. And when they don’t sell and inevitably go out of date Marla will blow her disposals budget and get s kicking from Zucchinihead. Coz obviously it is the store at fault for failing to sell not the buyers for not knowing their market.

  3. This reminds me of that episode of the Simpsons where Apu sells Homer a dusty box of chocolates for 100 dollars on the morning of February 14th.

  4. Wow I totally misread this the first time around. I thought it was 198 pieces for $2.30 so super cheap. lol I thought it was money to burn because they’d be so bad nobody could eat them. And low life expectancy because the person who got the chocolates would kill them for such a super cheap gift. lol Thanks commenters for setting me straight on this.

  5. I thought Grumbels was just a department store like Walmart, not so high end that your average customer could afford something like this. I know no one who could afford it. It should be interesting to see who comes in and actually buys this.

  6. Or people will buy it for $115 on Feb 15th.

    I recall boxes that large when I supported a candy department but the chocolate quality was very low.. Like Palmer’s which shouldn’t even be called chocolate or Elmer’s so the price was not extravagant.

  7. Why does everyone act like the person who receives this is going to eat the whole thing at once? Maybe I have unusually high willpower, but I would eat that at the rate of one, possibly two, pieces a day. I’d want it to last a while. Chocolate can be frozen too (although it looks a bit odd when you take it out), or you could certainly share that.

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