12 thoughts on “January 2, 2013

    • Same here.

      I can’t tell you how many times I went to bed, fully intending to get up early the next morning …

      … but when the moment came, nothing doing, I just turned the alarm off and stayed right in bed.

  1. Shouldn’t she be more concerned with conserving money? I’d rather have the extra sleep AND the low-maintenance hair. “Product” is expensive!

    • Actually, this is her hair when she is of duty, as seen in several dates she had with Cooper. I’d argue that letting her hair hang loose instead of doing the combing and intricate work needed to get it standing up as it usualy is, is saving her about 30 minutes of sleep each morning.

      • But that is just because I read it as that Super Val’s schedule was moved that she had to get up an hour earlier for work… So that this would save time, after rereading, I might agree more with you guys.

        • Val is black. Black person hair is naturally in tight little curls. An afro is natural in this case. In order for black girls to have straight hair, they have to spend a lot of time and pain to relax and straighten it. The curly afro Val wears at work IS the low maintenance option. I think it looks better than her straight hair, too.

  2. “Super-Val” could be doing other things besides just her hair in that extra hour, including the popular resolution of morning exercise, putting in extra housework, doing some sort of project or craft, or staying up to date on the news. All those things can be seen as part of “being the best her she can be”. Other than that, if her hair is naturally very curly, it would take more time to flat-iron and style it down than it would be to tease it into her usual updo.

  3. As an African American woman, I see where Miss Val is coming from. I try to keep my hair down as a way of saving money. Getting a perm every six weeks is a good way of saving costs because all one has to do between appointments is press and curl the hair until it gets thick again. So she is saving money if she is getting a perm but I don’t know. Also I am getting my hair done today so coincidence. ^_^

  4. I’ve always liked Val a lot more with her hair down and no head scarf. This looks more natural and refreshing. I hope she keeps it. It might be easier, too – it varies from hair to hair.

    Me? I’m doing some things too. This is gonna be the year, folks! :)

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