11 thoughts on “January 2, 2017

  1. Oh yeah they’ll give you your money back even if it’s white and you spill grape wine on it, staining it so it’s impossible to resell. It seems many customers have the idea of renting rather than buying, and renting for free at that. They wear something for a special event, and return it paying nothing. Even if they destroy it so it’s impossible to resell it.

  2. I try not to shop at retailers that do that because I know who actually pays for this: the other customers. One high end store stopped giving refunds and instead did store credit. They also demanded a receipt. Having said that, I once worked in a store where a customer bought a lot of entertaining items – plate chargers and holiday serving pieces. She returned everything on the Sunday after the holiday. I asked for a reason and she said she found them cheaper somewhere else. She got a store credit after a mild fuss. When I did go-backs, I saw where she had removed/replaced the price stickers. So it’s not just clothing the customers use to put one over on the stores.

    • All day long when I work the returns desk. Some days it seems I send more stuff to the defectives than I do the sales floor from returns. What is more disgusting when it is fellow employees.. Gee thanks Suzy from shoes thanks for bringing back all the bath rugs now caked with dog hair, but you never used them? Sure you didn’t.

  3. Semi-related, this is why I hate buying clothing. Something that looks good while in the dressing room turns out to be unwearable after a couple of wears.
    So, I feel like I can’t return something that feels like it’s a dud. I’ve had a few department store clerks assure me they’ll take anything except semi-fomal wear back.
    One shopping trip I spent an hour in the dress in-store to make sure it was wearable.
    Of course, this was a clerk who was also a county commissioner, so that probably affects the interactions I have with her.

  4. The worst of the lot has to be those louts who “buy” a big screen TV to celebrate America’s Holiest of Holy Days: Super Bowl Sunday.

    They do it fully intending to return it, which is why TV sales in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl Sunday should be final, or at least subject to a 50% restocking fee.

    It’s what you get in a country where “Our Father, who art in Heaven…” has been replaced with “Here we go Steelers, here we go!” as the most common prayer uttered on Sunday.

  5. The retailer I work for is especially bad about this regarding shoes. I repeatedly have customers tell me they only wore them “around the house” when it’s clear they’ve been worn out in the world for at least a few weeks to 6 months or more. The reason for the return, “it didn’t feel right.And the tip of a shoelace came off.” Thaaaanks.

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