13 thoughts on “January 2, 2018

  1. Anyway, so I went back to the Candle Junction at the Three Hills Mall, and the girl was like, “Sorry. We did have Mrs. Claus’s Cinnamon Browneye in the back. It was just hidden behind a whole bunch of stuff because it’s seasonal.”

    Seasonal? Anyways, the first thing you’re gonna notice about this candle, like the Rita Moreno Daiquiri Hangover, is that it has a sturdy wick. So, as far as fragrance goes, I get a lot of pine alongside the peppermint, which is so sophisticated and part of what makes this holiday series so special. See? You can already tell from the quality of the wax that this candle is gonna have a nice even burn. And believe me, that’s exactly what you’re gonna want as the holidays roll around. So, what’s the verdict on this one, you guys? Um, shocker! I give it… five stars.

  2. I remember seeing some social experiment where they had a group of people standing outside in line for something and other people, not even knowing what it was about, gradually started joining the line.

  3. So true. I was a psych major in college and could never explain to my friends and family how much my job as a manager needed psych skills.

    I had a display by the register of these flip flops for $5. They weren’t selling so I changed the sign to “2 for $10, LIiMIT 4” and they started selling.

  4. “Aroma Barn?” o.o; Er, I’ve only been around a few barns before, but isn’t it a horrible idea to light even a candle near piles of dry hay and wood?? Reminds me of the ‘Bonefish Grill’ by our mall- I don’t think many people are looking for bones in their fish dinner!

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