25 thoughts on “January 20, 2013

  1. I remember going into a Walgreens the day before Christmas Eve and they already had out some of the Valentines candy. And when I worked in a craft store, they also were getting out the Easter stuff by mid-January.

    • Craft stores kind of have to do that, people need time to work on stuff if they want it done before the holiday. Heck, I bought some Valentine’s Day fabric about a month ago.

    • The problem is simple: what do we put in the empty shelves when the Christmas stuff is gone?

      We gotta fill those shelves with something, so it’s usually snackfood or the next holiday.

  2. One year at my store, we had the Easter stuff up before Christmas was over.

    Now, to make it though Singles Awareness Day(February 14th).

    Think about it, if you are truly in love, you don’t need a special day to tell him/her you care about them, you can do it any old day. But if you have friends that are single, then you can’t make them feel bad for being single unless there is a special day for lovers, that they don’t get to be part of.

    • Up until I was about 29 I’d never had a real boyfriend. I chalked myself up as a spinster after college. I’d spend Valentine’s Day watching “Fatal Attraction” or something similar. Now I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost three years. One fun thing I like to do is cook special meals on my nights off. If my week isn’t too awful, I can plan a few days in advance and surprise him! We’re both hopeless geeks, it’s awesome, I love that we don’t have to hide what we get excited about even if no sane person would care. He doesn’t complain when I come home smelling like god-knows-what (I work in the busiest restaurant in a 30 mile radius) I think that’s sweet.

    • The company I work at has 2 “unions” (they are called unions, but are not the same as what we would consider unions) and one of the unions has a singles mingle several times a year and always around Valentines day and you have to register so that they have a 50/50 ratio. This year though Valentines falls during the Chinese New Year holiday, so I am not sure how that will work for the singles mingle.

  3. Well, Amber at least Valentine’s day isn’t as busy as Christmas. When I worked in the card departments it was nearly as busy but not quite.

  4. At my store we have to order candy and gifts for these holidays at least 6 months ahead of time. All the employees get mad at me beause as soon as we get the merchandise I insist on displaying it on the sales floor. For some reason they don’t understand my logic. The stuff will not sell in the backroom. The sooner we can get it out the better chance we have of selling most of it, which means less stuff we have to sell half price.

  5. If you do not thank that time travel is possible than just go to the store. They are always 6 months into the future.

  6. In Retail, the “off-season” is always spent preparing for the next holiday, whether the holiday is real or not. Valentines Day is FAKE, but it’s still a big deal in stores as long as it generates money.

  7. For some reason, the kind of place I work at (home housewares/kitchen accessories) has Valentine’s Day sales. I would LOVE to be at a customer’s house when that gift is given.

    “Happy Valentine’s Day, honey! I got you some new bamboo spoons!”

    • It’s funny, because that’s actually the kind of stuff my mom would ask for, so my dad would get her cooking and sewing stuff. She doesn’t really like jewelry and cliched romantic stuff. So that kind of makes sense to me.

  8. Many retailers in my area are selling merchandise for Valentine’s Day and Chinese/Asian/Lunar/Whatever-you-wanna-call-it New Year at the same time. They’ll really capitalize on anything, won’t they?

    • The Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) will fall in January or February so it does make sense that they will sell Valentines stuff and Chinese New Year stuff at the same time since the holidays are very close to each other, especially this year since Valentines Day falls on the week of the Chinese New Year (Feb. 9 – 15). It would also make sense they would sell things for Chinese New Year if your area has a high population of Asians especially Chinese/Taiwanese.

      This will be interesting to see how my friends and colleagues will/if they will celebrate Valentines Day since almost all of them will go home for the Chinese New Year.

  9. LOL, I never went to a store that had balloons and confetti coming from the ceiling whenever you yanked a pulley. Could you imagine? Customers’ kids would be pulling on it all the time!

    I believe Amber is still single. The only thing I remember reading about her love life was her asking Val if she thought Cooper was cute (back when Amber first started working at Grumbel’s and didn’t know the two were dating). Would be cool if this holiday gives Amber a love interest.

    • Stuart also once forced her to ask Craig (the computer salesguy) if he was available so he could be made to work a double. Perhaps Amber and Craig is a potential pairing?

  10. The thing I hate about Valentine’s Day is that you’re still tripping over the gift lines up to a month after, even when they’re stupidly cheap – they just will not shift.

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