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  1. It’s cheaper to pay dolts to count your stuff than it is to pay your own employees, because they can’t be trusted in the first place. Dolts, of course, are “professional.”

      • I was bonded by my company, because I was driving the vehicles, and counting in pharmacies., but most of the people I worked with couldn’t get bonded by a dominatrix with superglue.

        • Lol, that last bit made me laugh! We sell a variety of higher quality “Super Glues” that have differwent viscosities and cure/drying times and I always warn customers who aren’t familiar with such glues that no matter which you chose, the work the fastest on flesh……udually to what ever you’re trying to repair or assemble!

          • Well off the ‘bonded’ subject but the faster the super glue cures, the higher the apparent heat generated. Nasty little skin burns…

        • JoeX, I snarfed my coffee. Ow…
          But, you’re right – I used to work with similiar characters. I was much happier hiding on the stock shelves. Yes, that’s right ON – all the way at the top.

      • I don’t know if they are bonded. The picture doesn’t show the legs of the chaingang.
        Although the orange does remind me of Guantanamo Bay jumpsuits.

    • It was more expensive for my store.

      The inventory guys fudged up our inventory big-time. So the management was forced to give us drones extra shifts to make up for their mistakes.

      • That, Kiwi, I can fully believe! They did it to one of the stores I used to work. They did it two years in a row before they caught on that it wasn’t such a good idea. Now they use their own employees and close the store for one day.

  2. I wanna see what kind of positive spin Lana can put on this one. Although, her coming-to-accept-reality would be a GREAT storyline to have. Some things just don’t have positives, and a sketchy, unreliable inventory crew is one of them. Corporate CEOs giving themselves bonuses so they can cut payroll is another. Dungeon Masters that have no clue what goes on at the store level is another. A lot of these have a lot to do with retail, don’t they?

  3. I know a couple of people that did the REGIS route. Uncompensated driving (you get to deduct the gas and mileage for taxes, but that’s little compensation in June or December), flex hours, supervisors on call 24/7, screwed up sleep schedule, and massive turnover. Something something getting exactly what you pay for.

  4. On the one hand, the orange uniforms are kinda funny. When I worked for the Retail and Grocery Inventory Specialists Inventory Service (RGIS), we sometimes joked how the place felt like “Hotel California” (“You can check out any time you like | But you can never leave”).

    On the other, I have never seen uniforms that look like “prison” uniforms.

    At RGIS (http://www.rgis.com/us_en/), we wore maroon and grey polo shirts and non-jeans trousers (black prefered/required depending on team). Mostly maroon for regulars, mostly grey for team leads (like me). Washington Inventory Services International (WIS / WISI) (http://w3.wisintl.com/), wore blue polos. I’ve never met someone from American Inventory. And yes, there are tons of other companies that do inventories (http://www.isninv.com/).

    I do know that some of my coworkers are ex-cons, and one who wasn’t but was “banned for life” for stealing from one of the clients we routinely counted. I do know that many inventory personnel look uncouth. But until you talk with or witness a crime by one, you never know if that human being is “good” or “bad”. The last season that I worked for RGIS, first time in years that someone from my district was caught stealing was someone who had been with us off and on for years, and had no record of a crime. The individual had stolen a boxless item from a case (and no store associate around due to cutting hours) with the claim of waiting to ask someone about it and “forgotten”. Considering that person was approached by the client’s internal audit manager during lunch break while eating an unpaid-for meal from the client’s deli-case, it is likely a pattern of behavior.

    -former inventory zombie

  5. I wonder hope much stock “disappears” when stores use such companies to do inventory. I have heard more than a few stories on the subject.

  6. Gotta love inventory services. I’ll never forgot the night one of their drones pocketed a pair of sunglasses, but was too stupid to cut off the security tag on the way out. I was more concerned about the counts he had already completed than the $8 sunglasses he attempted to pilfer. What really got me was that his supervisor tried to make excuses before I kicked his butt out the door!

  7. For the past few weeks I’ve been experiencing problems with the comic image only loading partway and then disappearing. Some days it’s worse than others. It’s only been happening on this site. Anyone else experiencing this? Are you working on getting the problem resolved, Norm?

    • What browser are you running? I am running FireFox. I had problems with IE doing that on some sites thats why I went to FireFox. I have no problems with FireFox loading this page.

    • I’ve been having the same problem, and yep, it’s IE. Sadly, I read from my work computer, which I don’t have the authority to upgrade to Firefox or Chrome.

  8. Regis is a serviced office rental company.

    We pay them a slightly larger fee than we would pay to just lease a bare office & they take care of electricity, aircon, break-room supplies, reception, phones … Probably saves us half an employee all-up & they have coverage 52 weeks a year, 8 AM to 6:30 PM.

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