7 thoughts on “January 22, 2006

  1. Stuart’s been in the office too long. Consumers are getting smarter and not falling for retail tricks as much. Yesterday, I was in a shoe store and was offered half price on the second pair. Well, if I had needed a second pair I might have bought one. But I look at it as spending 50% more than I need to.

  2. rofl, yeah, I love Cooper. We have scripts at my work that we’re supposed to follow… We’re not supposed to deviate from them, yet we’re supposed to make it our own. Everytime we have to role play now I start laughing. I sent this and a few others to my coworkers. I did once during a meeting, boss had no clue. I’m just sitting there grinning my ass off lol.

  3. I used to work for a bookstore chain and this was always my complaint about the training videos. The “customers” were never portrayed as the customers that I had to deal with. KEEP IT REAL!

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