5 thoughts on “January 24, 2006

  1. “Have you ever told a lie before?”
    A. Yes / B. No

    The correct answer is B. No, even though that is a lie in and of itself. These tests ensure that the best liars get hired and the most honest people, who will still tell a lie every month or two, don’t. What does that say about the intent of these tests?

  2. I think almost all big chains are using that test….or at least a good portion of them are. Over the last few years I found myself job searching on numerous occasions and I filled out more than a handful of them.

  3. Could be worse. I took a mental health exam in the military that had this gem:

    “I start crying for no logical reason.”

  4. I remember applying to Target back in high school and had to take an electronic test of questions like this. After about 120 of them with no end in sight, I said to hell with it and decided not to finish the application.

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