8 thoughts on “January 26, 2006

    • Cooper’s right, it’s not fair. I’d demand an extra break for coffee since I gotta have my caffeine. Then I have to have an extra potty break because you can’t buy coffee, you can only rent it!

  1. A coworker of mine posted these comics on Facebook today and I LOVE them. She is a cashier and I am a stocker at a grocery store, and ALL these events play out at some point every week. Thanks for the great comics 😀

    PS, I agree with Cooper. The worst is when the smokers want to have a big get-together when they go smoke for 20 minutes. Then, if you try to go with them just to hang out…they will tell you to go do some “task”

  2. At one of my workplaces the smokers used to have breaks almost every hour.
    The other non-smokers agreed with me that it was fair that for every one of their smoke breaks, we should be allowed a “standing around eating peppermints” break.

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