19 thoughts on “January 3, 2017

  1. I was once asked to go in to work at 3am. At noon the next day, I was on my way out. A district level manager was pissed seeing me leave and asked why I thought I was going home. Lucky for me, my store level boss pipped up ‘Thanks for coming in at 3am today!’ and I kept walking. So quick to judge they are! Believe me, all I did was sleep when I got home. I’d have much rather worked a normal shift and left even at 7pm or something.

  2. And then the next day Marla arrives to find a cot waiting in her office, along with a note from Zucchini-Head questioning her dedication and commitment by not being in her store 24/7 until this “crisis” of down sales is over…

    • I think if he tried forcing that she really would quit, she is dedicated to the job but if it is job or family that would be an easy call.

      • I’ve quit when they tried to force me to choose between family commitments and the job. My bosses truly believed that my minimum-wage, go-nowhere sh*t job was more important than my children’s welfare. Under normal circumstances, there were no conflicts. I told them my availability and I was scheduled in accordance with it. A new AM swooshed in and started changing everything around, including my schedule. And when he tried to bully me into accepting the new schedule, I let him know, very publicly and very loudly, exactly where he could put the new schedule. I wadded up my uniform vest, threw it in his face, and walked out.

  3. Of course he would call just as she’s fixing to leave for home. She does have a family Stuart, try to have a little heart. I know it’s little (like the Grinch’s) but have one anyway.

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