57 thoughts on “January 4, 2013

  1. Is this a poll?

    I can pick a least favorite instantly: First one in the second row. She looks like a MAN in that panel.

    Although, honestly… I don’t think she’s going to change it, so I don’t expect a vote will mean anything xD

    • Good, I’m not the only one that thought the one made her look like a man! In all honestly, the two following that one kinda look more like I’ve seen on some guys with long hair too…………

      For some weird reason the second one (next to her as is) reminds me of Amber and the last one reminds me of the Hippy friend of Candice Flynn on Phineas and Ferb……………..

    • You don’t know much about hair do you?
      It’s called a pixie cut and can look very flattering. I mean look at Emma Watson! She pulled it off perfectly!

        • You don’t know much about me, do you? Some of you are always trying to put a negative spin on everything I say…

          As Justa implied, a woman with a pixie cut in a comic strip looks like a man. Norm wouldn’t want that kind of confusion. I know that short hair can be pulled off IRL, and yes Emma Watson does it nicely. But Marla, in a comic strip? Hell no.

      • You don’t have to lose your temper, Andy.
        You have your opinion, and i have mine. I don’t think she looks like a man and i have my very own salon so i know a bit about hair. But you don’t have to be rude and start SWEARING. There are perfectly civil ways of expressing your opinion.

        • And anyways i’m sorry if i sounded rude when i said you don’t know much about hair, Andy, I was just a little insulted that you said the pixie cut looked like a man because i have that same hairstyle.

    • I guess the norms of our society do equate long hair on women with femininity, and short hair with butch masculinity. It’s really quite arbitrary, but I suppose if it isn’t examined, people don’t realize that. I used to have hair halfway down my back, but it would take at least 2 hours for my hair to dry naturally and at least 20 minutes to wash properly and brush, that’s without any styling. I decided to get my hair cut short so that I could get my hair dirty and wash it quickly. I think it’s so funny when men say they want women to be low maintenance but expect long hair and makeup. I guess I’m lucky to have a husband that actually prefers long hair and doesn’t mind if I don’t feel like putting on makeup (he prefers that I don’t, actually)

      • Sol, exactly what I was thinking!

        In addition I have to say that I just hate that high maintenance stuff! People have feelings and people do mistakes: if you’re a woman, that makes you instantly high maintenance?

  2. The sixth one (reading left to right, row by row like a darn book!). Different, yet still age appropriate and not too trendy. Maybe too much thought, but it’s Marla! She can change. It’s OK.

  3. First row, second column is my favorite, but I honestly don’t like any of them. If it was a choice between choosing one of these or Marla’s old style, I would stick with the old. I don’t know if it is because it is the style that I am used to, but I think it looks the best on her face.

    • There is something about the Second Row, first column look that I like. It is trendy with an Anne Hathaway vibe that I think Marla can pull off. Also, I don’t see her looking like a man at all. If anything, I think that it makes her look younger and edgy but still professional. I could see it as a hairstyle for an awesome store manager…

  4. I like the second one. But it is hard to just get as a new style, as her hair is shorter now… Actually she would have to grow her hair for all these styles except the first one on the bottom row. (But I don’t like that one too much…)

  5. She can pull off second row first column if she has flawless skin and a beautiful neck, since it shows off her neck which can be very sexy. Otherwise, top row third column. Big hair looks fun but lots of work. Worst is second row fourth column. Bangs make her look old, but I guess they are easy to maintain.

    • I’d say the one beside the original would be better than third column because it shows off the same amount of her face, so its more familiar than third column…those bangs make her look like a shy teenager

  6. Gonzo’s swiper avatar reminded me of my retail story over the holidays.

    Was in Crate and Barrel and overheard one of the employees saying the credit card machine wasn’t working so I said “Swiper no swiping?” and all three of them started laughing.

    Finally my daughter’s obsession with Dora paid off!

  7. I’d rather see her put her hair up like she did on her wedding day. I like her old style the best for everyday. The 4th one on top looks nice but I see it more for like a special occasion.

  8. I like the original look best. If change she must, then the style on the bottom row, second in from the right. Same basic cut longer with a bit of shag.

  9. I LOVE the short hair one. Do it! Every girl needs a moment of super short hair in their life time. Very liberating and fun to re grow out your hair when you deiced short is not the way to go any more.

  10. I also love the 1st row, 2nd column as well as the 1st row, 4th column.

    I also think short hair on women can be very stylish, so I would also be pleased if Marla chose the 2nd row, 1st column look.

  11. I’m a GUY, so asking for my opinion on hair styles is the same way–DON’T ask me! My hair is so short, I never have to comb it, and when it gets long enough to BE combed, I have it cut again, so hair styles are the last thing anyone would want my opinion on.

  12. If I had to choose a new look, I’d go with the second look in the top row, the one immediately after Marla’s current look. She looks so pretty with her hair longer like that. Most of the other hairstyles make it look like Marla’s wearing a wig.

  13. I am impressed with Scott’s response so far. Generally you have to be married longer than he’s been to get that savvy.

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