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      • The funny thing is that if use Google maps to get directions to a store, it now says, “(Location) is closing within the next hour” or “(Location) will be closed by the time you arrive.”

        Technology does everything it can to help your dumb butt.

      • The problem with the Internet is that someone has to update the information when it changes. Google, et al. sure as hell aren’t going to do it.

        What makes things worse it new social/sharing/whatever sites keep popping up, posting hours for businesses that they got from god(s) know where, which are often incorrect. I work at an establishment at which one day I got a telephone call:

        “Are you open today?”

        “Yes, of course. Why wouldn’t we be?”

        “Well abcxyz.com says you’re closed.”

        At least that customer called, and our phone number was correct. Otherwise they would have passed us by. So naturally we had to create an account on zbcxyz.com, correct our hours, and add it to the ever growing list of sites we need to go to and change every time we change our hours. (We’re seasonal, so yeah, they change.)

        Meanwhile abcxyz.com makes their money off of our asses.

        The Internet: TMI, and usually wrong.


  1. He walked away. In my eyes that’s a win. He didn’t try ‘I’ll only be a minute’ or ‘I know exactly what I want to get’ Just groused about the wasted trip.

  2. There’s one thing I’ve never understood. The stores are open 10a-9p all year, except the 4 or 5 weeks between Thanksgiving through December 24th. Stores are closed on the 25th. The stores go back to 10-9 on the 26th. It’s been that way for decades. But, still, people think the holiday store hours are permanent. I don’t get it.

    • I think that’s just how memory works.
      People remember shopping late during Christmas season. What they don’t remember is not being able to shop at 9PM. It’s like trying to prove a negative – it’s trying to remember something that didn’t happen.

      I think the only way they’d remember is if they shopped late enough to hear the 8PM closing announcements, or arrived to find the store closed. Those are things that happened as opposed to things that didn’t happen (even if for a reason).

  3. I hope that Val made plan for the day. Otherwise she should have let him in.

    We all can sacrifice just a little for the good of the company

    • I sure hope as hell that you’re kidding.

      Like HELL you would make plan if you let the guy in and then everyone still there has to hold off on going home just because the “I-know-what-I-want-and-will-take-only-two-minutes” guy then spends the next 45 minutes just browsing.
      Mr. Idiot Customer here learned a couple of good lessons: If he wants something so badly, he can come back during normal shopping hours, and…
      Most companies don’t need to wait hand and foot on a customer who just arrived after the marked closing times.

    • You must work in Corporate.

      Or perhaps you forgot about this story arc: http://retailcomic.com/comics/may-6-2013/#comments (It’s probably the most commented-on story arc in the series.)

      Customers coming in after close and holding things up are a BIG problem. The insurance that most stores carry do not cover customers before opening or after closing, nor employees before their opening or after their closing shifts. And the latecomers almost never purchase enough to cover the costs of keeping the store open (employee wages, lighting, etc.) so it’s really not worth it to keep the store open late for these folks.

    • Josh, you either have your tongue firmly in your cheek, you are a corporate nerd, or you are some kind of special snowflake. Do you work? And how would it feel if at the end of your work day someone asks you to stay late to finish something or stay late because someone else can’t or even work through your lunch hour. Is that ‘take one for the company’ feeling running warm and fuzzy. When I worked in a big store, I rarely closed. The only bad memory I have of working there was a night I did close and as I shut the door to lock up a customer stuck her foot between the doors. She told me SHE had worked all day and I should be happy to let her in to shop even though it was after hours. I told her this was the end of MY work day and I wanted to go home. We got into a stare down; I didn’t blink. She threatened to call my boss, the company’s president, the consumer shopping bureau (whatever that is) so I should ‘watch out.’ I simply said have a good night. BTW, I never saw her before in the store and I never saw her afterwards.

    • I work at a photography studio, one Wednesday we got someone SCREAMING at us that she’d been calling all day the day before
      We asked if they’d actually listened to the voicemail, and they responded that they hadn’t. The voicemail specifically said we were closed on Tuesdays.

      It was still out fault somehow

    • Given how often I’ve had the website tell me that a store is open when it isn’t, I’m reluctant to trust any remote way of finding out hours. But they always list too many hours (it didn’t get properly updated for the holiday, no one changed it after Christmas), not too few.

  4. So I hate to be that guy because I love your comic a lot..but buddy your really starting to repeat the same comics over and over. ive seen the we got a box from a place that has closed one at least 3 times so far. in a run as long as you have had its inevitable and I’m not saying they are bad but id like to see some more development between characters. Like when is coop gonna propose and what not.

    • I tend to agree there’s truth to what Jack says. I do like the twist that the comic kip liked to. That keeps it fresh.

      Personally, I like the story arcs the best, but I know not everyone agrees.

    • In real life, retail employees do tend to see the same scenarios repeated over and over. How many times can one hear, “oh, it didn’t scan? It must be free!” or “I know you’re closing, but I only need one thing, let me in!”? How many times can one clean up an obliterated display or disgusting bathroom? How many times can one sigh at having their hours cut yet again?

      Ask any retail worker. It’s the same old song, over and over, and not just on the Muzak system.

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