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  1. I will admit, I haven’t had to run into that type of customer since I work in technology and most of the people who come in either have no idea what they want or just uses me for my knowledge and then goes and buys at amazon. (The later of the two irritate me more because they waste hours of my work time asking me question then I get no sale from it and then my boss chews me out when the customer originally had no intention of buying from the start. If that makes sense.)

    • I have checked products out at Best Buy and then ordered online but I do the research myself and never get the sales reps involved.

    • Oddly, I haven’t had that much. Usually if we had the thing they needed, they’d buy it direct from us, since they were already IN the store.

  2. Really? Making a ‘triggered’ joke? Welp, guess that’s another comic to put on the chopping block.

    In case you weren’t aware of it’s actual meaning and thought it was just slang for being upset or something, ‘triggering’ refers to sounds, situations or other actions or environmental events that cause extreme reactions like panic attacks, flashbacks or other forms of trauma related to PTSD. It’s not ‘getting mildly annoyed’ or having that irritated feeling when a song you hate plays over the radio the millionth time, it’s a legitimate visceral, physical reaction that can cause seizures, heart palpatations and other serious conditions, often requiring hospitalization.

    • So you completely deny the possibility Marla could have been honestly triggered by the high school flashback? We don’t know anything about her then, she could have been bullied, mocked or laughed at.

    • Don’t go all high-horse on us. Everybody in the world knows what “triggered” means. Fortunately, most of us have less severe reactions than PTSD, but if I happen to see somebody from my high school class, I’ll go out of my way to avoid them. HS was a rabbit hole I don’t EVER want to revisit. I understand exactly how Marla feels, funky clothes and all.

      • I can’t stand the attitude of people totally vilifying a comic just because of the use of a word. You’re eliminating things from your life just because of one little aspect you dislike? Well, good luck when you’ll realise you’ll have to drop everything and won’t be able to consume media anymore because nothing is perfect.

        • I can’t stand YOUR attitude of not taking people with mental issues seriously even when they provide perfectly reasonable explanations why some words should not take on new meanings.

          Nobody is saying this word should not be used, it’s the CONTEXT of the word that can be wrong.

          Real people with real traumas cannot describe them to their friends, family or therapists because this word has been overused for freaking jokes

          It’s not what Norm is doing here, at least not to that extent; but it’s part of an awful trend that is hurting people

          • Wait – so you’re saying that the word “triggered” is now only to be used to describe what happens to people diagnosed with PTSD? Yeah, good luck with that.
            First, the word existed before the condition was recognized. Secondly, that’s not how language works. If you think you can PC “language shame” someone into using a word your way, just ask the grammar police how well things have gone for them. Ain’t happening.

    • Whoa, cowboy. ‘Triggered’s’ meaning has various meanings according to the audience. I agree with Marla’s use. A Beatles song sends me back to a specific place and relationship. No matter where I am, if that song plays I’m back there in time. Luckily it’s a good flashback. For others, it’s a smell. Not all ‘triggers’ produce mean, nasty, ugly memories or feelings. If you keep cutting out words whose meanings you disagree with, you are going to have a limited vocabulary. Language flexible. To quote the Beatles, “let it be.”

    • even if Birdsong might be overblowing the bad use of “triggered” in the COMIC, the comments section proves that it’s still not a word people take seriously thanks to trolls, 100% proving their point.

      Norm’s comic is mild and forgivable, the comments are awful and those of you who make triggered jokes are awful

      • Hey, but in the comic it’s NOT a joke. Marla is not making a joke. She may be genuinely, honestly triggered – she may genuinely, honestly come back to the bad times at high school.
        It’s not like she/Norm says smth like “OMG TRIGGERED: last week this girl at cafeteria got me full milk instead of skim milk OMG OMG”.
        Not everything in a comic is necessarily a joke.

    • trig·gered
      (of a mechanism) activated by a trigger.
      “a triggered alarm”
      (of a response) caused by particular action, process, or situation.
      “a triggered memory of his childhood”

      • More…

        (especially of something read, seen, or heard) distress (someone), typically as a result of arousing feelings or memories associated with a particular traumatic experience.
        “she started crying and told me that my news had really triggered her”

      • I’ve never really understood why calling someone a “bleeding heart” should be an insult.

        Is it possible to insult someone for caring about the wellbeing of other people? Is there a certain level of caring about other people’s wellbeing that’s okay, but after that, you should stop?

        That’s certainly not what they tell me at church.

    • Well, they were being pretty rude about it. They could have just said no, and instead had to be smug brats. Very high school.

  3. Ah yes. When my girls were tweens+, they were really snobbish about the stores we got their clothes in and the brands. I was working just a few $ above minimum wage and there wasn’t a lot of extra for “name” articles.
    This was before malls were built in our area, so JC Penny was about as snobby as it got. Their mom would carry JCP bags in her car, shop at the discount stores for the names, take off any incriminating store info and pop those suckers in those bags. I’m not sure the girls caught on.

    • Our middle daughter was a real clothing snob. Couldn’t put her fancy backside in anything but Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. We decided to give the girls a clothing allowance, and the amount we chose was $5 less a month that GV jeans. Suddenly, now that she was spending her own money instead of mine, she could wear cheap britches, and -gasp! – even buy them on sale.

  4. My father was ill and died at Christmastime a few years ago. My mom had been exchanging gifts with a family she used to babysit for, even though they had moved away years ago. She faithfully sent money, gift cards, and gifts in time for Christmas and their birthdays, but the family had slowed in mailing their gifts (they would usually arrive mid-January) and would call a few days to weeks after my mom’s birthday. Even though her husband was dying, she remembered them and had me get the girls, who were in high school at the time, gift cards from the store where I worked. It was the most convenient thing to get and we do have a juniors department.

    When they eventually called to thank her, all one of the girls could manage was “I think Mom shops there.” That was the last gift they ever got from her and after the gifts stopped, she hasn’t heard from them since.

  5. Because turtlenecks, boat-neck tops and pants are totally things that only young people wear. But, hey, whatever you need to believe, girls.

  6. I don’t think the word triggered belongs there though, it just seems like trying too hard to use modern slang and feels unnecessary to the joke.

  7. Norm, are you serious? This joke isn’t remotely funny, and mostly only brings to mind really offensive, mocking “jokes” for people with mental illnesses, even though that’s not what you’re doing with it.

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