7 thoughts on “January 6, 2006

  1. Dang, really, Cooper? I hated working in retail but that comment just makes me think of the main character from Fight Club before Tyler Durden showed up. He’d travel a lot for work and every time, he’d pray the plane would crash. Especially weird considering the person he’s talking to is named Marla…

    • My last job (not retail though). I worked the graveyard shift and just about every night I’d hope to hit a deer or when it was snowing, go into a ditch so I’d have an excuse not to go.

  2. You mean I’m not the only one that’s felt that way?
    I got really mad at a trucker that ran a red light and missed me and my little tiny Kia by just a few inches when I was on my way to work, not because he almost hit me, but because he missed me.

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