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      • Four. I’m an Aussie 🙂 Plus flexi time ie if I work an extra four hours today because it’s busy then I can take those four hours off at another time. If I get enough flexi hours I can take off a day. If I save enough flexi days I can get more paid time off.

        • Yeah, things are certainly much better here for workers than over in the USA. Its one of the reasons why I dropped the idea of ever moving across the pond – that and the lack of socialised healthcare 😛

  1. Maybe she couldn’t get a digital download version (or it could be a library copy).
    And besides, Coop, weren’t you praising newsprint just last week? 😉

  2. It’s probably a library book. But you could get books from the library with great pix. Or look them up online. It’s fun to dream of places you’ll never see.

  3. You can afford it. Cut the $150+ cell phone plane and get a landline for $20-$50 a month. Cut the cable and find other, less expensive means, for entertainment. Use the $0.99 for general groceries and get meats on manager special in the grocery stores. Take another job, even very slightly much so, part time (this could mean 1 or 2 days a week and 4 hours each) to expedite the trip.

    You CAN afford it. You CAN do it. Your expenditures you think you need, you don’t. You can go back to “regular” once you take the trip. Have a brain and don’t complain.


    • ‘Cut the cable and find other, less expensive means of entertainment’

      Like what? It’s negative 22 or so outside and the snow is going horizontal. Movies cost money, books cost money… I suppose the library but then my fines cost money because I ALWAYS forget… internet forums only take you so far… you know, I sometimes think cable is a bargain.

      • Hulu and Netflix (especially Hulu, since you can find new shows there as early as a day after) gives you a lot of entertainment for a fraction of the cost. Or you can settle for network tv.

          • Grrrr! I used to watch Hulu in the states but it’s not available in Canada. They’ve been promising for the 8 years I’ve lived here to make it available in Canada but so far they haven’t. Liars.

    • My cellphone plan costs me $35 a month, I don’t know where you get your numbers from.

      As for cable, I cut that long ago and get my “cable” from PSVue for $50 a month.

      Still can’t afford any trips through. 41 and never left this country. Too poor, period. Many of us will never see an airplane because we barely have enough for gas. When merely going to work every week takes $40 in gas (I drive a small sedan), groceries cost $200 every 3 weeks, and the internet required to stream my entertainment is $98 a month and rent is a little over $1000 (So I can live in a city that isn’t riddled with crime), it’s hard to scratch up the dough for taking a trip, much less affording the unpaid time off to take that trip.

    • I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that, unless you’re someone’s accountant and you actually know what their income, needs, and expenditures are, that those are fighting words.

    • This is the same logic as “just cut the Starbucks every day!” and assumes that people have tons of money and just waste it.

      Our cell phones are $30 a month and we’ve never even had cable. Just Netflix, and the streaming only at that. We never go to Starbucks. We go to a sit-down restaurant maybe 5 times a year for special occasions. I get store brands, sale items, and collect coupons and points. We both work well over 40 hours a week and usually work every single day of the week.

      Yet, I couldn’t even afford to go to my best friend’s engagement party. Sorry, but that logic doesn’t work in the real world.

    • Air fare to London for my family of four would take several months wages (we don’t live near a hub so flying here is pricey–or you can drive 5-6 hours to a major airport). I haven’t had cable in a decade.

    • Or, if you’re in an area where there are a lot of subchannels available on the broadcast stations, kill the cable/satellite subscription and watch those.

      I’m fortunate to live close enough to the “antenna farm” where all the stations broadcast from to receive 37 channels (including the main channel and the subs), even if I program my receiver/TiVo to ignore ethnic/religious/shopping channels.

      Been doing the “broadcast only” thing for a couple of years now and probably missed the cable networks three or four times, tops.

      Of course, this presumes you don’t care about HBO/Showtime/etc. and their “original programming” or recent movies.

  4. In an “Outback Steakhouse” (in the US, an Australian themed restaurant), the waitress gave her whole welcome pitch about how we were in for a genuine Australian experience. So I asked “So you’re not expecting a tip?” The mortified look on her face . . .

    From my time working in Oz (Brisbane, QLD, Australia), it was my experience that tipping is not done, and is even considered rude. Australia has a strong culture of “An honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

    • Tipping isn’t expected, but it is appreciated if you feel the burning desire. Most of the times its meant to go into a jar near the register for sharing among all employees, not just the servers.

    • I’m still waiting! There has been nothing said about their relationship since they took a trip to Disneyworld several years ago using the last of her daddy’s money. So Cooper when are you going to put a ring on Val’s finger?

      • My bet is as soon as soon as he can afford a good cubic-zirconium one. If he’s this flustered about a trip to Australia, he’s not one that’s going to set aside several months salary for a ring… not that Val’s not worth it, just that Cooper can’t afford it.

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