25 thoughts on “January 6, 2018

        • Emphasis “most,/b> states”.

          The comments below about stores closing – in New York, closing a facility with more than a certain number of employees, the employer has to give more than two weeks notice -more like months. I worked at a call center that closed and they didn’t give the notice; the employer was hit with a class action lawsuit for that breach of the law.

    • Yeah, the Macy’s in my town is one of the closings. I care on a macroscale, but I think I’ve shopped there only a handful of times since it opened.

    • Made it and maybe even posted it.

      Our Christmas help is already gone and I heard people in the breakroom today complaining about having only 2 shifts next week.

  1. Why do I shop online? Because ‘corporate’ drove me to it. Stores look like my closet during the season switch, i.e. clothes, shoes, accessories everywhere. No help on the floor so when I shop, I can’t fine what I came specificaly to find – an advertised item, for example. I wander lonely as a cloud seeking out a cashier, anyone to pay. These days I go to Amazon, order and pay from the warmth and comfort of my living room and in two days the postman or UPS delivers. I remember the joy of shopping in stores, finding unexpected treasurers, but today the experience is about as exciting and pleasant as watching dust settle on the furniture.

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