22 thoughts on “January 7, 2013

  1. I don’t know what is less believable:
    1) That Stuart still doesn’t understand that Marla never listens to his “advice”
    2) That Courtney still hasn’t been fired or let go
    3) That Marla has to wear a name tag when Stuart never did

    Although I LOVE Marla’s double entendre at the end. “I’ll manage” XD

    • Stuart’s like many people I’ve known throughout my schooling and now in my worklife. They are what I call the Theoretically Fallible. That means, they’re fully aware that they can make mistakes or do bad things in general only because today’s culture makes it so blindingly obvious that thinking oneself infallible is a grave error. But, when it comes down to any specific case, they don’t admit to the possibility that any error could be made.

      Working with that in mind, it never enters Stuart’s head that he’s been anything less than upstanding and perfect, at least not unless someone in a position of corproately recognized authority were to suggest the possibility.

    • 1. Stuart only hears what he wants to hear which is basically only corporate squacking
      2. remember the extortion Courtney was doing to her over her plans to open her own store, she has vowed to make Courtney’s life as miserable as possible until Courtney quits
      3. She is supposed to be wearing suits(she wore them for Jerry’s visits) but she chooses not to for practical reasons and unlike Stuart she isn’t pawning her job off on someone and works the floor which probably requires the usage of the nametag by rule. Not wearing the nametag is probably the only corporate rule Stuart broke and it was done for a simple reason: he was hiding from the customers

  2. Wow, just, wow, he’s not even running the store anymore and he is still giving himself the credit, this inventory is going to be interesting.

  3. Well, since Stuart made Marla do all the work when he was manager, she can get Josh to do all the work now that she’s manager. This could be a boatload of fun.

      • There’s no way he’d sabotage the inventory. Remember since this store is also his HQ he wants this store to set the bar for all the other stores in the “New England” district, which somehow includes my state of Georgia and Florida. Oh Grumbles, how you confuse geography almost as bad as the NCAA redistricting committee.

    • I think Marla would delegate the inventory, but not to Josh. Josh annoys the heck out of the others, so with him running an Inventory Prep, Its quite possible he would be bound, gagged, taped in a box with a couple holes poked in it, and put in a far corner of the stock room with a big DNI Label on the carton until Christmas.

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