13 thoughts on “January 7, 2017

    • same at my store, I work the front end and everyone knows which supervisor will get on a register to help and who will just sit back and watch the lines.

    • That would never occur to Brice in a million years … unless Marla was to walk up just as he was ordering Cooper to stay late because corporate changed the deadline at the last minute.

    • Judging by the way Brice is holding it, looks like a pretty thick planogram, at least ten pages. Which means a very large section of the store, or a section with hundreds of small fiddly items, like cosmetics.

    • I’m guessing he got the message an hour or two ago but it’s not “leave it to the last minute”- Brice is by-the-book, not an ass-kisser like Josh.

  1. Yuuup…Salary can be a good thing…until you have to do this kind of thing. Then again, if you were hourly and had to stay late they’d just cut your hours somewhere else in the week.

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