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  1. Have something like that happen at my work today. Basically the manager that everyone really dislikes was in charge of the schedule for post Christmas and until inventory. The day after Christmas he let go of every seasonal employee so it was just the full time employees and the part time employees left. This week he cut as many hours as he could until there was only two cashiers the entire day (one which was me) and that I left at 4’o clock. Anyways today we had massive crowds of people doing returns and buying furniture that was marked half off. He started yelling at the cashiers for not going fast enough and when we pointed out that he had let all the seasonal help go before the season was actually done and that he had under schedule due to inventory he responded “Well I figured you two would be able to handle the job of two others. You shouldn’t be bothering us Full timers since we have count to do.” Then he told me to stay late which I had to tell him no since I had other plans and that since he approved the schedule he couldn’t force me to stay. Lets just say he wasn’t happy that he had to get on a register after failing to plan ahead.

    • “Well I figured you two would be able to handle the job of two others.”

      Well there you have it. You’re supposed to do the work of 2 people and get paid for one. I’d so want to say “When you pay me double, that’s when I’ll attempt to do the work of 2 people, not before!”

      • Sad to say, this is common in business nowadays. Pretty soon every company will have one manager who sits on his or her ass all day while the ONE other employee does everything including the janitorial work, then the manager will complain because the employee is not getting enough done during their one four hour shift per week…

      • Dilbert’s PHB doesn’t yell at him (unless provoked by Alice or Dilbert first), so if you’re worse at being a manager than PHB…

  2. I remember one time we got 3 feet of show and only 1 custemer came for the first 2 hours and that was to return 120 in merch. Didn’t make that day

      • You keep using that word, ‘reasonable’.
        We all know reasonable doesn’t exist in a managers dictionary. … Unless of course it helps them.

  3. Marla is used to Stuart by now so she’s not fuming like she once did. There’s no point in it other than giving herself a heart attack or stroke. I’d feel like screaming “What am I supposed to do Stuart? Refuse to give people their returns? So they can call Corporate and complain and we have to give it to them anyway even if the item is damaged and can’t be resold? How am I supposed to make up for the cost? Twist someone else’s arm into buying something?” One thing I really don’t get is when he was store manager himself, he sat in his office all day and delegated all the work to Marla, he didn’t get these calls himself from that jerk Jerry who was District Manager at that time. (God, how I hated Jerry!)

    • How am I supposed to make up for the cost? Twist someone else’s arm into buying something?</i

      Only issue store credit?

      Yeah, I don't see Corporate going for that either.


    • Exactly.

      He admits those are facts but then calls them “convenient excuses” … and even hearing it from every store manager in his district doesn’t make him realize the absurdity of it.

      Let’s face it. Stuart is now certifiably insane.

  4. And retail corporations wonder why customers are fleeing to Amazon. Short-staff the store and make life a living hell for your employees and you can kiss the business goodbye.
    I do not take the time, make the effort, pay for the gas to go to a brick and mortar store to deal with long lines and depressed and demoralized sales staff.
    Forget it

    • Welcome to Target! That is their model in a nutshell right now. Where they don’t care until the guest is ready to pay and three employees are expected to run a marathon between call boxes and check lanes.

      • The Target store near me must be some kind of exception. I have never NOT seen all or most of the registers staffed and the lines moving pretty quickly, as well as a bunch of people at the customer service counter. To be fair, I don’t go there often, but since that’s usually what I see, it seems like it must be this particular store’s normal mode of operations. Too bad we can’t clone the manager there and send them to all the other Targets!!

  5. On January 5, Sears announced it was closing 150 stores, and Macy’s 68. Despite corporate lickspittles like Stuart being unable to see the writing on the wall, sales are not determined by discounts, planograms, or how hard retail workers are forced to work. Sales are driven by customers, and that entire landscape is changing. Unfortunately, every retail store is run like a tiny fiefdom, and to the lords of the castle there is no life outside the walls, so their reality is all that counts.

  6. What a sad view of employees management has to see multiple accounts of the same phenomenon as some sort of conspiracy and acceptance of high returns and low sales after Christmas season as “resting on their laurels.” Does Stuart even know what that phrase means?

  7. I could never work with someone like Stuart. I would end up in jail because I would lose it and put them in the hospital.

  8. I worked at a place where we were not allowed to say “return”. We had to say “Are you exchanging today?” and if they said “No, returning”, we had to say “would you like to look for another size or another item?” The DM would never accept returns as an excuse for not making sales plan. She wouldn’t accept weather either, but if nobody’s out driving in a blizzard there won’t be anybody shopping either.

    • Where I work we will take most anything back unless it is illegal to do so (and that is a short list) the only ones you want to please more than the customer is the government regulators who can fine you.

    • I had a store manager like that once. She would literally ask you why sales were so low the previous day — and you’d say that nobody came in because the snowstorm kept people away, and she’d stare at you like you suddenly started speaking a different language.

      Similarly, if we had, say, beautiful weather in the late fall, she couldn’t fathom why people weren’t shopping. Well, it’s 70° at the end of October – I wouldn’t be in a store if I wasn’t getting paid. But she figured that since it was nice out people would want to, you know, go back inside.

    • Where I live, we had a big storm in November 2014. Some idiot actually tried to go to a local tanning salon in the middle of a blizzard and was ticked off because the manager, who’d gone there only to make sure the roof wasn’t collapsing under the weight of the snow, wouldn’t let her in to use the tanning machines! Thank god people like this are the exception.

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