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  1. This is a guess on how this storyline will go:
    Kate will be mysteriously fired. Marla will remember this call, but not think much of it.
    Then Stuart will inform Marla he has to cancel an inspection. Everyone in the store is happy about that. But Marla gets a little suspicious. She knows stuff never goes well in retail. She calls Stuart about it, and he lets slip that she got fired because she revealed corporate’s plan to run store shut downs.
    The plot will mushroom from there.

    • I hope not because as a reader we all know the store won’t close otherwise the comic would end. It would be a waste of time to pursue this in any depth.

      • The comic’s name is “Retail” Not “Grumbles” The store could close, finally allowing(Forcing?) Marla to open her own store, opening new points of view and plot lines.

        That said, I find that unlikely that Marla’s store will close.

        • Plus the comic also featured when Cooper and Lunker got a second job at a gas station and showed their shifts there. It doesn’t have to be Grumbel’s all the time forever.

        • Immediately out of high school I worked for a company called E.J.Korvette’s. There was a sign outside the office stating that anyone who revealed the vendors used by the company would be terminated.

      • depending on the record of the employee before that it could happen. I doubt this is the first time they were involved in rumor mills and if they were on thin ice before this might be the last crack.

      • The person who would be fired is the husband from corporate, not the Barnville store manager. He was the leak. No, it isn’t his fault that he wasn’t aware of how information moves among many groups of women, and couldn’t have known it would get back to anyone who works at the Grumbles’ store level, but regardless, if it was confidential information, sharing it with anyone is illegal, and could be considered insider trading depending on the outcome. We also don’t know if any of the other women work at Grumbles’. Either way, bad call on him if it was confidential info.

        • They should both get fired – the husband who works at Corporate should get fired for leaking info, and Kate for spreading around information that she didn’t know was true and that she wasn’t supposed to have in the first place.

      • My offspring worked in a company that had a “do not gossip or spread rumours” policy. It was very strict and could lead to discipline up to firing. Having once worked in gossipy environment I can’t say I’m that against it. Gossip and rumours can be a productivity and time killer.

    • Well, given that you guys have an abysmal track record of predicting where Norm is going with his storylines, I’m not putting much stock in any of the guesses anybody makes. He never seems to go in the obvious direction, which I think is a good thing.

      • You need to plug in the controller in the second port, and, right when Laura gets turned to gold press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, x, circle, start in less than a half a second. You’ll know it worked if the statue turns to platinum.
        When this happens, reset the game right away as you have a friend at the same second switch the controller back to port one. If it works, she’s nude. If not, you’ll have to try again until it works.

  2. I remember in 2015 Marla and Scott having a discussion about her new business and Marla told him her target date for opening was 3 years away.
    This plot device is definitely going somewhere.

  3. It’s like the rumor that pops up on the internet every six months or so that Hobby Lobby is closing because of the Obamacare mandate. The article reads that it’s 400 some stores will close because the company refuses to follow along with certain provisions. The story is five years old and Hobby Lobby it’s now at 800+ stores. Thank you very much.

  4. Not quite retail, but I work for the River(It has a smile from A to Z) in one of their warehouses, and it’s common practice to rent their warehouses so they can be flexible. Every year, without fail, there’s a rumor that they’re going to close/move the building to elsewhere for reasons, so yeah….

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