15 thoughts on “January 9, 2017

  1. Went to Walmart last week and on the shelves I saw a few Hatchimals. They weren’t marked down, but still shocked to see them on the shelves so close after the holidays. But the reviews didn’t seem that great from those who did get them so that could be the reason.

    • I found one while I was zoning sheets around 7 at night a few days after Christmas. I took it to the aisle it belonged on and couldn’t get anyone to take it. It sat there for a day and a half.

    • The Mrs.and I bought our daughter one of the ‘must-have’ toys one year. After about two hours, she was more interested in the box it came in.

  2. This is one of many reasons I celebrate Procrastimas. It’s just like consumer driven Christmas but about half off and WAY less stress. Christmas day is for family, Procrastimas is for stuff.

    • Probably not. Nintendo only made a limited run of them. I believe that they have produced all the units they wanted. Rumor has it next Christmas a Super Nintendo version is planned.

  3. This is why my parents never got us any “must-have” toys. They knew our actual interests and that, often, we were only asking for the must-haves because everyone else was getting them. The one exception, I think, was a set of Beanie Babies. My siblings and I already had a decent-sized stuffed animal collection at the time, so they *did* fit.

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