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      • That is exactly what I thought. Marla did casually mention that she’d be ready to open her own store in 2018 a few years ago. That’d be interesting if this is where we are going with this. Would we say goodbye to some characters or would some tag along if Marla opened her own store? This strip as it currently is is getting a little stale. Perhaps it’s time to move on to a new premise.

  1. What Marla said is so true. You should always be fine tuning your resume and looking. The place I work at is underpaying all of its employees to where fast food joints like Good Times are paying better for both part time and Full time employees. It has made me start to fine tune my own resume and start hunting again. Now that I have my A+ certification I am going to start looking for more Tech jobs that are not in call centers or in retail. If I have to explain how in store credit works for a no receipt return to another customer one more time I think I am going to tear my own hair out.


    Yes, ‘updating my resume’ is the PERFECT revenge for possibly closing the store you work at! MUAHHAHAHAHA!

      • Exactly. I’m retired now, but when I was working, I always kept my resume updated…even at my last job where I was very reasonably happy. It’s both survival AND common sense.

        • Updating your resume is literally just adding one line.

          I don’t get why people keep making such a big deal out of this.

          • So, your resume is a bunch of one-liners? If I were the hiring manager, I’d certainly think it was a joke. You’d not get your foot in the door.

          • I was being sarcastic when I said it was revenge for this very reason. All you are doing is changing a date or adding a job title. Maybe Resumes are too fun for me! hehe.

          • DKendra thankfully I already have a job with a company that doesn’t have an HR department (but 206 lawyers).

            so I don’t have to deal with worthless HR drones with a god complex such as you.

    • It’s not a question of ‘revenge’. It’s a question of survival in a crappy job market. Decisions to close stores or initiate mass layoffs are made at the corporate level and little or no notice is ever given to the people on the front lines. The job you think is ‘secure’…. ISN’T. Worse, if anyone DOES get wind of an impending layoff or closure, corporate will outright deny it right up to the moment they hand out the pink slips.

      • Not just retail. There was a large plant locally that employed quite a few people. Everyone shows up in the morning only to find the doors locked. They all mill around outside waiting for management to show up and unlock them so work can start. Management did show up, but instead of unlocking, they just announced to everyone in the parking lot that the plant was now closed and good luck. Our University took one department, loaded everyone up on buses, took them to the local conference center, and announced there that no one had jobs any longer. There was no hint or anything before hand and our department was told all calls had been forwarded to us, deal with it.

  3. So long as Marla used the appropriate management style during the holiday shopping season her sales numbers will be fine and corporate will have no reason to close her store. After all the store manager has the ability to get oddly scheduled, temporary, minimum wage workers to come in on time just by management style alone.

    If her store closes it is completely and totally her fault. Corporate invests heavily in quality merchandise, sound pricing strategy and superb upper management. You know upper management is good because of how high their compensation is. Her job is to not to mess it all up.

    After all the buck has to stop somewhere and that somewhere is the store manager’s desk.

    • Sometimes it is corporate’s fault a store closes. Sometimes they sabotage stores just to point to poor sales as a reason to shut them down.

      My mother just went through this at the place she was Assistant Manager of. Her store’s sales were down year over year, but were still beating goals as they had lowered every store’s numbers this year as they were transitioning to new owners. But during the holiday season they suddenly stopped getting certain items that were consistent sellers and were getting shorted on items that were part of sales for the week. As you can imagine their sales tanked. They went from about 4% above goal for the year to 7% below in the last month. And now they are closed and she is out of a job.

  4. Story: Marla’s Grumbles survives the ‘restructuring’ but wicked Mina’s Dilman’s does not. Mina goes after Marla’s job. Our Mina is very creative! Or, Marla opens her own store selling restored home furnishings. Don’t laugh – those stores do well when located in the right area code.

    • How does Delman’s have anything to do with Grumbel’s? Are they going through Chapter 11, too? That’d be a very Norm-esque twist.

      Stuart won’t let them close Marla’s store, though. That’s where he’s based out of, after all. He’s too stubborn to want to move to the NYC corporate office (or drive two-plus hours each way from Rhode Island).

      What I’m thinking is that there are layoffs and that Crystal gets the axe and a new assistant manager – someone like Kate who used to manage a prior store – takes her place. The new ASM is, like Mina, a usurper seeking to regain a managerial position.

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