17 thoughts on “July 1, 2016

  1. Looks like it will take a few more whacks in the ego before he gets the message, I expect his development over time to be interesting.

  2. Yes, Brice, but the lease and other expenses at this store are also so much smaller than Southbridge that we may still be here, making money for Grumbels, when Southbridge is just a memory.

  3. Brice is basically Phoebe from Magic School Bus.
    “At my old store, we NEVER ran out of merchandise for displays.”
    “Shut up, Brice.”

  4. I know there is a tendency in all of us to sort of reminisce about places we used to work or live that sometimes we’re forever saying “Back at such and such a place it was like this” as though that was better (maybe to us it was) but people do get tired of hearing it. It seems Brice has two choices. Either go back to Southbridge where everything was hunky dory perfect or live in the reality of where he is now and keep his comments about how perfect Southbridge was to himself.

  5. “Okay, Brice, I’ll put you on registers in (insert department that never makes the goals) and we’ll see if you can meet these sales goals.”

  6. Marla should remember that she’s Brice’s boss and it’s perfectly OK for her to tell him things like this.

    • Right. The thought bubbles are fine when you’re thinking something toward a customer but toward an underling like Brice, it’s ok for her to come out and say it!

  7. I like that Brice is at least acknowledging that things in Smithfield are different. He’s making progress, and that makes me like him as a character (like I did Stuart until I got tired of him always being insufferable as DM). I am still intrigued to see where our spoiled rich kid goes from here.

  8. My thought is that a goal is a goal, if Brice is so accomplished then he should be helping Marla blow away the “low volume” store goals.

  9. Brice, I have a song I’d like you to listen to. it’s an oldie, but a goodie.

    “Big Shot” by Billy Joel. You can certainly relate to the “silver spoon up your nose” lyric…

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