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    • Well, Brice isn’t completely bad, like Josh. He’s just seriously misguided. And Marla isn’t one who simply deep-sixes someone like that.

      Brice isn’t Josh, who drove Marla to the point of firing him.

      • I’m not sure.

        When Marla was talking to Brice in the food court, she seemed sympathetic at first, and then her attitude seemed to shift to, “Yeah, you reap what you sow.”

        I think Marla has mixed feelings about this.

        My impression is that she does believe Brice deserves what he’s gotten, and she takes a certain amount of pleasure in his misery … but she also genuinely feels sorry for him.

        • Deserves what he’s gotten, but has probably received enough punishment by now that hopefully he’ll be better in the future.

  1. As much as I enjoying seeing Brice suffer, I guess it is good that Marla still has some heart to give him a second chance. Lord known I would not be that kind after how he acted on his last 2 weeks.

  2. Wow. The most that I would have expected Marla to do for Brice is re-hire him as her Assistant Manager.

    Trying to get Brice the Store Manager position that he (unknowingly) passed up before … I’m impressed.

    If she manages to pull this off, Brice better be damn grateful.

    • Well, if Brice has learned his lesson, then getting the NH SM job is a reward for his penance…
      …and if he *didn’t* learn his lesson, then the NH SM job means he’s out of Marla’s hair!
      I’d call that win-win.

      • Except that in the latter case, it’s being “kicked upstairs”, which is ethically reprehensible. Also, he’s already out of her hair on account of being at Delman’s.

          • They just did run into each other at the food court. They had a civil conversation in which he actually admitted he’d made a mistake. If things did not change they may still run into each other, and say hello, how are you, etc. without him being a problem to her at all.

    • Marla never told Brice about the position in the first place, and Stuart obviously thinks she did. I think there’s a bit of “making things right” going on with Marla now, even if it’s just to satisfy her conscious.

      • billydaking,
        Marla didn’t withhold that information. Brice refused to allow her to give it to him. MArla has nothing to feel guilty about.

        • And she was not instructed by Stuart to tell him of the SM position. Only to call Stuart which message she did deliver. It’s not her fault he refused to call him.

        • “Marla didn’t withhold that information. Brice refused to allow her to give it to him.”

          … Oh, come on.

          Can we be adult about this?

          Yes, Marla tried to tell Brice about the Store Manager position in New Hampshire, and yes, Brice kept cutting her off.

          But at the end, she could have told him. She chose not to. Brice even asked her what it was that she needed him to do before he started work, and she lied and claimed she forgot.

          Here’s how it happened :

          Marla : Before you take this job, you need to know that –
          Brice : No. My mind is made up. I’d rather work for Mina because she’s a much stronger manager than you are.
          Marla : Well. Never mind, then.

          Folks, do you really think that Marla actually believed that Brice wouldn’t care that Stuart was about to offer him a Store Manager position?

          Do you think that Marla didn’t know that Brice would likely change his mind about leaving Grumbel’s if he found out about the promotion opportunity?

          OF COURSE she knew.

          She CHOSE to interpret Brice’s “My mind is made up” statement literally, when she knew that wasn’t the case.

          Brice was being a jerk in that conversation, and he outright insulted Marla … but, still, Marla had a choice, and she is responsible for the one she made.

  3. It would also be hurting Mina and Delman’s, the morale at that store’s already low, how would it look to both the employees and Mina’s supervisors (assuming they’d look and notice) if their new AM that was poached from the competition quickly went back?

    Stuart may also smell a lowball opportunity here, that may or may not backfire…

    • That’s what I was thinking too. Marla’s main competitor takes a loss (having to refill the position, loss of training budget spent on Brice, and a morale hit), Brice is out of her hair, and Brice may bring back strategic information about Delman’s that might be useful.

      It’s a risk, but Brice having seen that the grass ISN’T greener might be a good thing.

  4. I’m more afraid that Brice well get the position, and then it will come out that Marla never mentioned it to him. Suddenly she’s the one in trouble, and Brice and Stuart are thick as thieves again.

    • I don’t think either Stuart or Brice wants to be thick as thieves again, though. Even if Stuart hires Brice back, it’ll obviously be with reservations (“betrayal”, “defecting”). And Brice DID see (not to a strong enough degree, perhaps) that the Grumbel’s upper management way (which Stuart adheres to religiously) is often a paradox (“we’re cutting your staffing hours, but make sure you increase efficiency”). There were the makings of a rift there well before Brice left, and Brice wasn’t nearly as admiring of Stuart as he was initially.

      And that’s if Stuart finds out Marla didn’t tell him about the NH SM job. Marla can probably get away with “he wasn’t listening to anything I said”; at this point, Stuart would probably be more inclined to believe Marla over Brice, and, should Brice be made aware that Marla got him the job, he probably wouldn’t argue. (Sure, if she had told him at the time, he wouldn’t have gone to Mina, but if Marla saves him from that, I don’t think Brice is awful enough that he wouldn’t be appreciative enough to help her out, especially when she could have said nothing and left him with Mina.)

      But maybe that’s just my way of looking at things; I guess we’ll see how all this plays out soon enough.

  5. Just as I thought. Stuart won’t give him the position because he defected to the competition. I’m surprised to see Marla actually suggesting him though, after the rotten things he said about her managership. She really is a kinder person than I am. I know I’d gloat over his misery at least at first, then later feel sorry for him. But suggest him for the better job? Probably not.

  6. This is a delicious story arc. I can’t wait to see how it develops. Since it’s early in the week, and Stuart has to be totally desperate if he hasn’t found an SM by now, I think Stuart will eventually give in and talk to Brice. He’ll then offer him the job and Mina screams in agony.

  7. I don’t know what surprises me more: That Stuart hasn’t filled that job yet or that Marla is doing this for Brick… and perhaps Chloe (potential assistant manager) too.

    • Andy,
      His name is Brice. And why should Marla care about Chloe, who she doesn’t know, who works for an entirely different company that does not care what Marla thinks about anything.
      Think Occam’s razor. Marl is doing this because she’s a nice person and besides, it doesn’t cost her anything

      • Jackie,

        He knows that his name is Brice. Brick is a typo someone made several weeks ago and the community decided it was an apt nickname for him, so it stuck.

  8. It is surprising that the SM position has not been filled in N.H. yet, it’s been several weeks. How is the store managing without a manager? Is Stuart having to fill in the void? No wonder he sounded desperate “Do you have somebody?” Asking that of Marla who he’s never had any respect for. I wonder why no one’s been tapped for the position before now. Maybe the news of the embezzlement has been all over the news and no one wants the position?

    • Keep in mind that we’re dealing with “comics time” where time moves much more slowly than real life. Einstein would explain it much better than I could. Relatively, anyway. 🙂

    • I once worked at a newly opened store and we didn’t get a full time SM for two months AFTER opening. Before that, we had an ASM and several SMs from the other stores in our region who would drop in once a week to do the stuff ASM couldn’t.

  9. You’ve got a good heart. Marla. I guess Brice has learned his lesson. Hopefully. Brownie points to Marla for trying to help him out.

  10. Let us not forget this all started because Brice was upset he’d have to run a register for a couple of hours a week.

  11. If this results in Marla getting shafted and Brice getting promoted, I will be hugely disappointed. But not surprised since good people usually suffer the insanity of Corporate.

  12. Marla should remind Stuart that he can hold the ‘betrayal’ over Brice’s head for the rest of his career! Thus, Marla’s conscience is salved by Brice getting a better position, he’s out of Marla’s hair, and he still has to deal with Stuart, which is it’s own form of hell. And Mina gets a kick in the arse. Win, Win, Win.

  13. Calling it now.. Mina finds out about the position and “defects” from Delmens. Stuart having zero compunctions about hiring a defector in this instance.

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