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    • But then there are those days where it’s so insanely busy that it completely burns you out by lunchtime. Days like that are usually caused (or at least compounded) by some serious issue – someone didn’t show up, registers aren’t working, etc.

      • I’ve found it’s a delicate balance. Too slow and the day seems to drag on forever. Too busy and you’re exhausted early, which makes the day feel like it’s dragging as well (that feeling when you get to the breakroom and go, “It’s only been two hours since I got here? It’s been CRAZY! Surely it was more than that!”). Just busy enough and time actually seems to fly

    • Maybe it’s just me but I’ve never felt that way – the busy days seem to take the longest IMO.

      Plus, of course, the busier things are, the more likely you are to get “THAT” customer (or several).

    • the guy,
      Yeah but when it’s not busy, you can actually get work done. In retail there’s always stuff that gets put on hold while staff takes care of customers or cleans up the godawful messes they make

  1. Wouldn’t a power failure actually affect your PAYCHECK as well if you were able to go home early?
    The same people who wish for a “catastrophic power failure” on their place of business would then start whining and complaining that their next paycheck is far less than they’re used to, not taking into account the fact that they would stop getting PAID the moment they can go home early and start “Miller Time”.
    It’s part of the reason why I’m glad to have a second job. Oh, you’re cutting my hours because you’re not anticipating enough sales??? That’s cool. My second job will just pay me for that loss in my hours too, plus EXTRA!!! 🙂

    • Tyler,
      It’s not always about the paycheck. There are times when you just need a day off but you can’t get it because the place is so understaffed that nobody gets to take time off. Nothing like getting yelled at for asking.
      Besides, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, I’ve had jobs I hated so much that I prayed for a tornado to come destroy the place.

    • Where I work, they have a policy in place so it does not affect the employee paycheck if it is a reason out of the employees control…like a power failure. If you come in at the start of your shift and the store closes due to something like a power failure or inclement weather you get paid for your full shift. IF your shift has not started and you were called to say “we’re closing for power outage”, then you’re not paid. If the store is closed several days for inclement weather or power outage, everybody is still paid just as if they came to work…because it’s not the employees fault.

    • I dunno, a lot of civilians at one base I was stationed at, when offered a cash bonus or an extra day off for a quarterly bonus or whatever, pretty much all of them took the day off. Sometimes free time is more important than money.

  2. Interesting, looks like another week without a story line. It’s been a while. Anyway, I must admit I’m ofthen with Cooper on this subject. There are many days when I’d love to have an excuse to not go to work for a few days.

  3. I’m in the rather be busy category. I work part time, usually five hour shifts. Especially on Mondays, if I get to the store and discover we’ve received an unexpected truck, that’s my kind of day. Usually the only customers in the morning are returns, and they’re not my problem. By lunchtime, I’m gone. Unloading and moving stock onto the floor has made the shift fly by.

  4. I guess I’m weird. I actually like working with customers. (Well there are always a few I suppose, but I don’t let them get to me.)

  5. I always preferred to be busy as well on any job I had, it does make the time go faster. Also if for some reason it’s dead, the managers come up with ways to keep you busy, like washing walls and stuff like that. As for having days off because of a power failure, maybe the fact that Cooper and Marla are on salary might mean they don’t lose any money, I don’t know how they deal with that. Being on salary usually works against the employee since they often have to work more than 40 hours but in this case it would be less (maybe far less) and they’d find an excuse not to pay you your full salary, though the fact that you’d worked over 40 hours for many weeks before that would help even things up. They wouldn’t see it that way though.

  6. A few years ago, when they were building the big home improvement down the street (not the one we’re frequently mistaken for, the one that rhymes with Rose), we had power failures three days in a row because the construction guys hit something they shouldn’t have. The first day, it was great to go home early. The second day, they had us hanging clothes out back until it became clear that the power wasn’t coming on any time soon, and they let us go. The third day, we were all more than a little annoyed.
    After that, I think someone had a talk with them about safety procedures, and the blackouts stopped.
    The only time since then that we’ve closed early was during the hunt for the Marathon bomber, when the mall was shut down because of the precautionary lockdown. (Which turned out to be unnecessary because the guy was hiding under some guy’s boat the whole time.)

  7. Well, like some of you have already pointed out there’s pros and cons to each one of their thought processes.

    If it’s busy, it does seem to make the day go by faster, and the store will make more money. But at the same time you’ll be exhausted by the halfway point.

    If it’s not busy, you’ll get a chance to recover the store and make everything look nice and neat. At the same time you’re bored because once you do all that there’s nothing else to do and time seems to drag.

    If the store is closed for whatever reason you get a day off to relax or get stuff done around the house. But on the flip side of that, you don’t get paid.

  8. Cooper, trust me, you don’t want that. In another installment of “I wish I was kidding” series, I’ve been through that before. Mopping the freezer after all of the ice cream melted is not cool, it also produced an odor I’ve never smelled before or since. Inventorying all of the other lost cooler and freezer merchandise and loading up the dumpster also sucks. When it’s finally cleaned out, restocking the entire thing is a huge job. Dealing with screwed up computers, inventory errors (we’re not allowed to close during a power outage, don’t have time to keep track of anything sold except customer specific pickups in photo and pharmacy) and other electrical systems when coming back online is one of the easier things to handle by comparison. Power outages also don’t stop the customers, instead it sometimes makes them even dumber than before! (‘Oh, cash only sales? Just let me use the ATM!’ is one of my personal favorites)

  9. What if Marla wants the store to busy because she needs to hit the store goal described a few days ago?
    Remember, she’ll be getting the heat from Stuart otherwise…

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