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  1. Hope she didn’t unintentionally dig herself a hole in that last box, that is Stuart she is talking to after all………

      • “He cut me off before I could.” is a perfectly truthful and straightforward answer, and I think even Stuart will accept that.

    • Her only “job” in the situation was to tell Brice to call Stuart. She did. Stuart was the one who was going to tell Brice about the Store Manager position, since Brice was his golden boy.

      • Brice quit before she told him. Shen she tried to do the right thing and tell him anyway, he pulled a “talk to the hand” thing. So of course she didn’t tell him. I wouldn’t have, either, at that point. And you’ll have an uphill battle trying to convince me you would have.

      • No, she did nothing wrong. She was going to tell him, he quit.

        She was going to tell him anyways, and he basically flipped her off. Including bitching out from telling Stuart himself.

  2. She didn’t tell him because he flat out told her not to try and talk him out of leaving. He said nothing would change his mind.

    • And Marla chose to pretend that that was literally true, when she knew perfectly well that there was a good chance Brice would change his mind if he knew about the promotion Stuart was going to offer him.

      That’s still on Marla.

      • No, Phenglei Kai, it’s on Brice. She had something to say to him and he refused to let her speak.
        Blaming Marla for what Brice did to himself is standard abusive behavior.
        “It’s all your fault! Look what you made me do!”

        • Nope…it’s on Marla for keeping that information away from him. That was her choice, and only her choice. Brice was ignorant of the opportunity, and Marla chose to take his “don’t try to talk to me out of leaving” as an excuse to deny him that.

          From Marla’s point of view,
          Brice would have been out of her hair regardless. She wanted to punish him by denying him a different opportunity that actually benefited him, rather than him walking into a nightmare She knew how it would go for him with Mina. It wasn’t a good moment for her, and because Marla has a conscience, she’s realizing that now.

          I hate petty vindictiveness born out of an unwillingness to try to see outside of your own perspective. Both Marla and Brice are guilty of that. This whole storyline has been about both of them realizing that.

      • No. When someone’s acting like a twat toward me, I’m not going to go out of my way to help them. Marla’s already doing more than I would have to help Brice after his ass-ish behavior. Brice deserved a wake-up call; I’ll admit that Mina was overkill in that capacity, but when you roll the dice the way Brice did, sometimes you roll snake eyes.

    • I have to agree with the folks siding with Marla on this one, Brice wouldn’t entertain the thought of listening to her, even though she tried to tell him. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Stuart somehow decided to flip this into being her fault, because Stuart, and with Brices actions, he made his own bed with them and is darned lucky that Marla is now going to stick her neck out for him with this call. Hopefully this will have been a much needed lesson in humility for Brice and not go as a mark against Marla in Stuart’s book, not holding my breath on either, but at least hoping for both.

  3. Yeah, I’m thinking Marla gets in hot water here, and tbh, she might deserve it. She could swing it and say Brice quit before she had a chance to tell him, but I don’t see Stuart accepting that.

    Or the comic could go to insane bizzaro-world and Stuart will commend her for not telling him about it, seeing as he so quickly “jumped ship for a ‘better’ opportunity”.

    • She might deserve it? What part of “Tell Brice to call Stuart” did she fail to do? None. Stuart told Marla that he (Stuart) was going to tell Brice about the job. She might get some blame, but only because when the excrement hits the propeller, no one gets away clean.

  4. Told you this would come around for Marla. Always be the better person, not just when you don’t have a choice.

  5. Wait a minute. Are we about to see Stuart criticize Marla for something that she actually did?

    I don’t get it. That would make Stuart right.

    … Stuart is never right.

    • He wouldn’t be this time, either. For all the back and forth here, Marla made an effort to tell him (twice, as noted in a link posted above). Brice blew her off. Stuart may get mad about it (as he usually does), but how far is she supposed to go when Brice was being a real jerk?

  6. Rut roh. Marla did right by not telling Brice. He gave notice before she could tell him and that changed things. She needed to inform Stuart first But where she left herself open was to leave the impression with Stuart that she did deliver the message to have Brice call.

    • Why is that a continuity error?

      Couldn’t Stuart have switched on the speaker setting?

      My phone has an option to switch the speaker setting on or off during a call.

    • Yesterday, he was visibly on the sales floor, where a speaker call in public would be unprofessional.

      Now, he’s likely in the office/admin area, and he can talk more openly.

  7. Never ceases to amaze me that people posting here would continue to blame Marla for something Brice did to himself.
    Seems we have a bunch of Stuart clones here

    • No, because only one person knows she ditched the meeting – Val. Oh well, maybe Val and Cooper. But they wouldn’t rat her out to Brice or Stuart.

  8. Oh boy. Now it all comes out. First, Marla was under NO obligation to tell Brice about the SM position in N.H. She was under ONLY an obligation to tell him to call Stuart. She did tell him this and he refused to call him. That was his choice. She even tried to tell him of the promotion but he kept holding up his hand and talking over her. What was she supposed to do, hogtie him, gag him and force him to listen? It’s his own fault for refusing to listen. But I know Stuart will still blame her, he always blames her, though I suspect that if he’d been in the office watching the scene unfold he probably wouldn’t have told him either. Too bad someone didn’t tape the scene and upload it to you tube!

    • I agree, but still think Stuart would have found away to try to blame Marla, even then, buess it could be worse Jerry could still be the DM, and he was far worse and more irritating than Marla is.

        • Oh gak, Jerry. If there was ever a time I wanted to reach through my computer to a comic strip and STRANGLE someone it was Jerry! He was a loathsome little bug who needed squashing!

    • Yes, absolutely. Marla only told Stuart she would tell Brice to call him, not that she would tell him about the NH job. When Brice told her he was giving his two weeks notice, she said, “Oh, did you already talk to Stuart?” thinking Stuart had already mentioned the SM position and that Brice had accepted. Brice then said, “No, and I don’t plan to. You can call him and explain why you lost me to the competition.” [paraphrasing] Marla still tried to tell him, but he insulted her badly, calling her inferior to Mina etc. I don’t blame Marla in the least for not telling him about the opportunity.

    • Not sure what comic you’ve been reading but it sure as heck ain’t this one. Marla only said “you need to…” before Brice told her he needed to talk to her.

  9. I think Marla was in the right but Stuart will blame her anyway. And I do think that Stuart will end up offering the NH job to Brice. He’s desperate after all.

  10. I think that a better thing for Marla to have said would have been “He never let me tell him about the NH position.” That places the blame squarely on Brice for him not knowing.

  11. Brice gave. TWO weeks notice. That is plenty of time for her to cool down. If she thought Brice was not right for store manager she should not be letting him back in. If she thought he was she should not have let him go.

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