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  1. My department goals? Not to get fired. More specific Brice? Okay, not to get fired for someone, either customer, coworker, or boss, saying something stupid and doing something that would result in jail time.

    • My department goals? To actually keep things faced properly, organized, and stocked, which is really hard when the customers are bound and determined to make the worst mess imaginable while shopping. Forget having time to finish any projects in the department.

    • Department goals don’t matter anyway. They’re never enough. The only reward for making goal is to have those goals raised. Repeat ad nauseum until you can’t make the unrealistic goals, then get berated or even written up for it.

    • paragrim,
      Why do you assume Brice cares just because he asked? Brice asked because he has a degree in business and that’s the kind of question business majors ask. Because they took all those stupid management courses and “goals” was on the final exam. Or something.
      Goals for today? Update all the shelf tags on aisle 7? Sound good? Is that the kind of goal Brice had in mind? Are you sure?
      Back to “goal”. Assuming I can get my hands on the price gun and not be pulled off the floor to punch register, which is Larry’s job, except the assistant manager is addicted to pulling people off their assigned job and moving them around so that nobody is actually doing their assigned job. Everyone is doing someone else’s job. And at the end of the day we all get to deal with an assistant manager who is miffed because none of us got done whatever it is we are actually responsible for because assistant manager Mary likes to play musical chairs.
      Translation? What goals.

      • As someone who has one of those degrees I can assure you that it is covered but not that important. Brice is forgetting several important lessons one of which is observing his store before doing things like this. Brice is still high on the company is always right mentality. Marla knows that this will not work and moved her time and effort elsewhere. Even Brice’s second question was stupid if he had bothered to learn about this store. Brice knows all the answers but cannot explain the why.

    • It is probably common knowledge at this point that Brice can’t do anything because he’s always at odds with Marla

  2. How ignorant is he? Calling her goals “pipe dreams”. Yeah, god forbid she doesn’t want to end up like you, toiling away in a middle management position in a retail store.

    If he had told me that I’d say, “Well, at least I have dreams”.

  3. Why must everything be a QUESTION. Just tell me what to do and stop making me guess as to what you prefer I say. ARGH!

    • Like! I hate it during review time when that question or a variation comes up. Even though I’m only p/t, the manager still asks. But, having survived the wars in the down city business world, I know how to finesse an answer that sounds good and, when recorded, makes the manager look good. Sigh.

  4. There is no hope for this man, I have come to that conclusion. He is possessed with the spirit of Stuart and is and will remain a completely insufferable prick.

  5. I have never even worked with a store manager who actually cared about specific “goal” numbers except that THEIR supervisor cared about “goals”. The major reason why is that they knew, for the most part, it what out of their hands mostly because of external factors.

  6. Every time I think there may be hope for this guy he disappoints me again. How dare he shoot down someone else’s dream as a pipe dream? He whose dream is to work at Corporate? And I’ve said before and I’ll probably say again, the so-called goals for her department or any other depend on customers who can and will say no to your stupid reward cards and credit cards and whatever else you’re planning to push. I like her idea of a little shop like that, have often imagined something similar, it would cater to ladies and serve light meals and snacks, along with tea and coffee. Shut up Brice.

  7. You know what PAYBACK would be like? That idiot Brice having a downfall on HIS own life goals, and actually end up being interviewed for an open job position at Marisa’s little shop.
    If I were her, I’d hire him…as a janitor so I could drink in the pathetic sight of him cleaning up spills with a mop and know just how crappy his life has become.
    Don’t EVER insult someone’s goals and dreams. You may end up having to work for them one day.

  8. I like Marisa here. A lot. He insults her dream and she doesn’t even miss a beat insulting him back. The more I see Brice, the more I see that there’s no hope for him. No wonder Cooper is prank calling him!

    As for Marisa opening a cafe… it’s totally doable if she sets up a savings account just for that and keeps her mind to it. Whether she’ll be successful or not depends on her food and service, of course. But let’s hope she is. For her sake.

    • It’s also dependent on other things, like the economy, location (including the related costs), prices for materials and trends. Not to mention how sound her business model and skills are.

      The majority of small businesses fail within a few years. That doesn’t mean she shouldn’t try or plan to succeed. But these are realities.

  9. Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where helping your company reach it’s goals led to the company helping you reach your personal goals? You have the best sales vs last year in the district and get a decent raise out of it? My last year at SHC I ran the pantry department. While pantry sales were down company wide my department increased 12.5%, over $250,000 vs last year. No raise. But got to hear lots of talk about employee engagement!

  10. Get my paycheck and save up enough that I don’t have to work at a soul sucking chain anymore. That’s pretty much it.

    • I got fired from my most recent retail job about a month ago and am on lunch from the orientation for an indoor/outdoor sales job for better pay. It can happen, just wish I hadn’t waited 24 years before really looking!

  11. “Oh, thank you so much for asking, Mr. Brice, sir! My dept. goals for today are to double the sales and get triple the number of Grumbels rewards cards that I got yesterday!”

    Thinking: Yesterday I got one sale in my dept and zero rewards cards. Should be doable. 😉

  12. Providence isn’t small ! Its the largest city in Rhode Island. And we need a grumbels in our malll. Please have one open here.

    • But there are a lot of “quaint” little neighborhoods. And it isn’t as though even downtown is that large. Or developed.

      Of course, the mall didn’t help businesses in the area. Plus, taxes are high.

      No room for a Grumbels. They’re making the old J. C. Penny space part of the parking garage. And why would you want your neighbors to work in a place like that?

  13. reminds me of a story in a Dilbert book: a company gave employees a form to write “areas i could improve in”…he was going to fill it out honestly, but fortunately for him, an experienced employee warned him that anything he wrote would be called “examples of poor performance” on his next review!

  14. I deeply hate being asked my department/group/team goals at the review… because everything I might say (become team leader etc.) gets shot down, laughed at, or at the best ignored.

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