17 thoughts on “July 13, 2016

  1. “And when I came to, he was hanging from the ceiling, his feet dangling and the entire department looked like I had used him as a truncheon!”

  2. I can remember watching a home shopping channel selling “faux ruby” jewellery and they explained “faux is French for beautiful” so those shoes must be amazing. Fnarr.

      • I’d lay money on the presenter simply being clueless, making up a definition for a word they didn’t know rather than actually looking it up.

        Doesn’t change that it’s false advertising, just the idea that the presenter might not have been deliberately complicit.

        • That’s a good point, in which case, the presenter was quite foolish to make up something like that rather than do a little research (hello, internet) and find out what “faux” actually means.

      • “Faux” is pronounced like “Fo,” which kind of sounds like “Four” with a regional accent.

        “If he doesn’t like any of the *four* styles or sizes on display, will he ask if they have any *more*?”

        And I ruined the joke because of you.

        • Nah, not ruined. Your explanation is far enough below the joke that those who “get” it will enjoy the joke and those who don’t “get” it initially will still possibly be able to enjoy the wit afterward. Much better than feeling baffled, I believe.

  3. Another response from the customer that would have retained some respect would have been, “Well, if either pair’s my size, I’ll take ’em.”

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