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  1. Ugh I hate to agree with Stuart, but he has point. I think I need to go take a very long hot shower now with agreeing with him.

    • I KNOW, right? But if it had been Stuart that Brice had done all that to, Stuart would have wanted Brice drawn and quartered.

    • You CAN do both like Stuart says. You can dislike a person, but you must still honour the position.

      Just like the presidency. You can dislike the person all you want, but honour the position.

      • But we’re not all Christians,
        “honour the position”
        I don’t understand what that means in practical terms.
        Do we follow a dishonorable person over a cliff because of the position that person holds? Or do we decide that there’s such a thing as a bridge too far and either remove that person or remove ourselves from the situation.
        Given that a fool, a very dangerous fool, now occupies the White House, what are our options. In the case of an odious boss we can always quit, but in the case of the president, I don’t think so. It’s a matter of thinking we can solve the problem by outrunning Hitler. It didn’t work for most of those who tried.

        • If everyone of any importance jumped off a bridge, would you follow, just to “honor the position”? (Rhetorical question)

        • “Honoring the position” doesn’t mean following someone blindly, it just means showing due respect for the position even if you don’t like the person currently in that position. You may not like or respect the current President, but if you’re hosting a social event in which they’ll be in attendance, you still play “Hail to the Chief” when they walk in, and not “Dare to Be Stupid”. You’re respecting the office of the President, if not necessarily the President themselves.

      • But Stuart didn’t dishonor the position. Stuart respects, understands, and covets the position. He insulted MARLA. And then discovered that there truly are people in the world who don’t deserve a position of authority – that authority, abused, is toxic. He’s also discovered that despite his misgivings about Marla, she is far better than he gave her credit for.

      • I don’t wan to delve into politics, so I’ll just say that I disagree in that it’s the same as saying that I must respect someone due to their position before they have earned my respect. In high school, I was told I had to respect a teacher who didn’t speak English very well and who was trying to teach us MATH. It made her sound stupid (even if she wasn’t) and she was unreasonable and couldn’t actually teach us anything because we couldn’t understand her. I was told that I had to respect her because she is my teacher. I could tell that the principal was having a hard time forcing that one out when the better lesson for an “impressionable teenager” was what I was saying: that she should first earn my respect.

    • I really gotta agree with squash-face on this one.

      Lateral career move, no biggie, but being unprofessional as all hell (particularly to a fairly decent supervisor) on the way out?

      Yeah, I wouldn’t hire him back either. And I can’t get why Marla’s going to bat for him like this; he never did anything that warrants it. You only stick your reputation out for people that you think won’t hurt it.

    • Professionally, no, no way.

      Brice was wrong. He was frustrated with the way Marla ran things, couldn’t see things her way, and let his emotions make his career decision for him and the way he left the store.

      Marla was wrong. She did try to tell Brice about the New Hampshire job, but when Brice insulted her management style in giving his notice, she allowed her emotions to keep him in the dark about the opportunity that her boss wanted to offer him, and let him walk into bad job situation.

      Marla is demonstrating here why she’s a good manager–taking ownership for your own mistake, and recognizing when somebody else, especially people you probably don’t like, are taking ownership of their mistakes. That’s a core principle of good management.

      Stuart doesn’t come close to that. He’s making the same mistake that both Brice and Marla did–he feels free in taking the gloves off because he feels that because Brice made it personal, and he’s feels he’s allowed to be just as personal and screw somebody over for a misstep.

      Sure, you may feel satisfaction in doing that, but that’s high school-level drama.

      I’ve seen a lot of good people have their lives ruined because of people like Stuart. So-called leadership that forgets the people that they’re leading are people. To him, it’s a game, and the game has rules. Which is why Marla isn’t buying Stuart’s reason for locking out Brice.

      • But Marla didn’t make a mistake? She tried to tell Brice, but after being told that Brice thinks she’s a weak manager and he’s basically giving her the ‘talk to the hand’ attitude, it was Marla’s right to let him go and do what he wanted. This was way unprofessional and rude of Brice, Stuart’s got a point here actually. Why would they want to keep a worker with such a bad attitude, who also wasn’t liked by anyone at work and wasn’t even that good at his job? We could say Marla wasn’t very correct from a human point, but hey, she’s just human, being insulted and belittled it’s not nice. So yeah, I don’t see why people are blaming it all on Marla when basically Brice dug his on grave and put himself in it all by himself.

        • Who exactly is blaming it “all” on Marla?

          Billydaking said that Brice and Marla were both at fault.

          You can disagree with that. Maybe Marla was justified in what she did, and maybe she wasn’t.

          What I don’t understand is why some people here are so determined to believe that only ONE person can be at fault for this mess.

          If you criticize Marla at all, or even just say that she should be held accountable for the choices she made, then that somehow means you are saying that it was all Marla’s fault and Brice didn’t do anything wrong.

          Why isn’t it possible for somebody to believe that Brice was an asshole who should be held responsible for his conduct, but also believe that Marla should be held accountable for her choice not to tell him about the New Hampshire job?

      • If Marla gets her way, she’s screwing over *every single person at the New Hampshire store* by convincing the company to appoint a general manager whom she knows full well is a horrible choice for the job on top of being a horrible person, just because he’s in her monkeysphere and they are not.

  2. Is that really what makes this “personal” to Stuart?

    Maybe it’s the fact that Stuart hand-picked Brice for the job, hovered around him like a helicopter parent, groomed him to be a rising star in Grumbel’s management … and then Brice walked out on Stuart and the company.

    First Josh, then Brice. Is Stuart just pissed off that BOTH of his “Mini-Mes” wound up making a fool out of him?

  3. At first I was like, “wait, is this one of those rare moments where Stuart is human?”…and then next panel brought me back to reality.

    • exactly, I do feel sympathy for him being in a bad spot but it was his call to put himself there. Imagine if a soldier switched sides because they liked the other side’s command style better then figured out it was a mistake. Just saying you regret the mistake does not change the fact that you switched sides for a petty reason.

  4. And Stuart is back off speakerphone again. Yeah, he could switch. But that seems unlikely. I think Norm is re-using panels by just editing the facial expression. (Drawings are all done on computer.) Normally, changes are deliberate and communicate body language. Like Marla turning in her chair. But in this case I think he pulled from a library of frames and didn’t notice the switch in how the phone was used.

    • I switch between speaker and non speaker in the middle of conversations. Sometimes someone walks in. Sometimes there’s outside noise that makes it hard to hear.

    • Stuart is on the phone because he’s in the store. He might be on the speakerphone in his office. When ever you see him on speakerphone you don’t see the background. Go back and see the previous panels. When you see him off speakerphone and on the phone the background is at the store.

      • Yes, Start returns to the store in exactly the same position he was in Monday – nope. I’m not buying it. I think he was standing there the whole time. We can’t see where he was Tuesday/Wednesday because the panel is “zoomed in”. Study the panels carefully – they weren’t redrawn from scratch – they’re reused.

        • Look, not to be a jerk or anything but…
          What difference does it make? Does it affect the plotline in any way? Stuart’s on the phone. That’s all that’s really relevant.

          And so what if artwork gets reused. You’d take the shortcut too, if you were the artist. If it’s not necessary to completely draw every panel, would probably take the shortcut too.

  5. “Only I can insult you. You’re underlings can’t.” Actually, After 25 years, I’ve never worked for a manager that would take Brice back after the way he exited. They’ve taken employees back who thought they were making a better career move by going laterally but the ones who came back, with their tails between their legs, had left a bit more respectful than Brice.

    • Note that Brice literally, openly bragged about phoning his job in during his last two weeks. That gets you marked as non-rehirable even by my tremendously forgiving and not-very-selective employer.

  6. It sad because if bernie sanders elected Brice has seized the means of production already and bald man had his back against his wall.

    • Is this really the forum for that sort of stuff? More suitable for political site, look around you’ll find plenty pf them.

    • Are you drunk? Or just being silly? This makes no sense.

      Anyway, I stick by my contention that Stuart will see that it’s in his best interest to take Brice back and send him to NH. That’s why Stuart does most things after all.

    • I literally have no idea what this word soup is supposed to mean, other than you’re *probably* trying to start a political argument, but being extremely inept about it.

  7. Yeah! You don’t matter Marla, only the chain of command! If he insulted you as his superior, I’d be next in line for his insults! I wonder what he’s been saying about ME! (nothing worse than what all of us have been saying about you for years Stuart!) LOL!

  8. I think my view is more… clinical. The New Hampshire position has been difficult to fill, as evidenced by the amount of time passed as well as Stuart’s eagerness in asking Marla about any viable candidate. Brice is a viable candidate, despite the manner of his leaving.

    To support her desire to give a not-bad person a second chance, Marla should play on Stuart’s need to make money: Hire Brice for the position he was going to be offered anyway. And play to Stuart’s “pecking-order revenge” need by telling Stuart that if Brice is working for him, Brice will be in a weaker, “I owe Stuart” position.

    • In a real situation, the NH store is going to need multiple AMs. Brice could be hired to be a AM at the NH store – perhaps promoting the AM he replaces (if any) to SM. Brice gets what he wants – out of Delman’s, but he doesn’t get promoted and has to move.

  9. I probably wouldn’t give Brice a second chance if it were me, but Marla’s judgment seems to be pretty sound most of the time. Brice admitted he screwed up, which really ISN’T an easy thing to do, and he’s shown some humanity in the past. Maybe he deserves to be hired on a trial period? I’m sure Stuart would be watching him like a hawk for a while.

  10. Ya know if this were any other manager, they would SCOFF at the idea of giving Brice a second chance. They would say “That’s life” because Brice thought he could get away with burning his bridges and NOT expect that to bite him in the butt. This is EXACTLY why you should never do what Brice did because you may need to go back there in the future or may need them for a reference.

    But on the other hand Marla did see that he was sincere and him being taken back isn’t gonna go over so smoothly with everyone else. Heck I thought he was going to be hired back as As. Manager and have him deal with the humiliation of him burning his bridges and have Coral have the Manager position in New Hampshire.

  11. Don’t take it personally?

    What exactly did Brice ever do that WASN’T personal?

    He insulted Marla, he insulted Val, he insulted Amber, he insulted Cooper …

    When Donnie was unable to work on shipment day because he had gotten a second job (which Donnie needed because he couldn’t get by on the few hours he was getting at Grumbel’s), Brice advocated firing and replacing him.

    I think we have long passed the point where anybody can say that Brice’s behavior shouldn’t be viewed personally.

  12. Ya know if this were any other manager, they would SCOFF at the idea of giving Brice a second chance. They would say “That’s life” because Brice thought he could get away with burning his bridges and NOT expect that to bite him in the butt. This is EXACTLY why you should never do what Brice did because you may need to go back there in the future or may need them for a reference.

    But on the other hand Marla did see that he was sincere and him being taken back isn’t gonna go over so smoothly with everyone else. Heck I thought he was going to be hired back as As. Manager and have him deal with the humiliation of him burning his bridges and have Crystal have the Manager position in New Hampshire.

    • Crystal is not nearly ready for a SM position. She isn’t comfortable yet with a lot of basic store functions, such as returns and employee time off.

  13. In real life this conversation would never take place.

    But most people don’t work retail and don’t understand WHY this conversation would never take place. Norm’s showing those of us who would never understand why quitting the way Brice did is the bad move that it it is.

    And it’s been fun to watch.

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