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  1. The eternal struggle. The customer who wants as much as they can for basically nothing, and the company that wants as much of the customer’s money as they can at any cost.

  2. I have learned that most people do not understand how the whole “Buy one get one ” thing works. The signs have it written out plain as day but they still do not get it. I have seen the story in today’s strip play out in real life more than a few times just while I was shopping.

    • As a former retail worker, I would prefer it if the BOGO sales were averaged out to straight percentage discounts: 25% off instead of buy one, get one half off and 50% off instead of buy one, get one free. Of course, then you would have the people who don’t know the difference between % and $, so perhaps the simple original price/sale price tags and letting those who care about percentages do the math themselves would be easier all around.

  3. The one I had was a buy 2 get 1 free (all the same product, so the same price). We only had two left, so I told the cashier to discount one 34% and the other 33%. I ended up having to go up there because the customer didn’t think that was right.

    I ended up writing it out with easier numbers, explaining that buy 2 get 1 free is basically 33-34% off of each, so she was paying for each what she would if she got 3. She kept arguing. Finally she said “I don’t believe you, but I don’t have time for this.” She paid and left and I never heard anything of it.

    Later I realized I should have asked her what she thought it would be. Pretty sure she wanted one of them for free.

    • They always claim they don’t have time when it means allowing you to solve the problem. I’ve had so many people claim they didn’t have time only to run in to a ‘friend’ and talk in the store for 30 minutes with them.

      Further, if there is any hint of anything being free, even if its a clearance price for something else four shelves over, they will assume it mean the thing they want is free.

  4. One time this mean dude was arguing with me over the price of something saying it should be like one dollar cheaper. He had bought a lot and I was needing like 10 extra seconds to fix the thing and he was so mad about ‘not having time’ and blah blah blah, so I skipped a bunch of steps and just simply discounted his bill by 5 bucks to guarantee that he was indeed going to come out ahead. He still was not happy! Left madder than anything. Why why why! I’d love to go in a store and say something should be one dollar cheaper and act all high and mighty. I’d be laughed at.

    • heybro,
      The standard answer for that kind of customer is I am so sorry I am not authorized to change prices I do not have the code to override the computer the person who has it is out of the store she should be back in two hours would you like to wait?

  5. Sometimes, I’d like to just look a guy like this in the face and reply, in a deadpan tone, “Yes. Yes, it is a scam.” Giving the customer any sort of discount is obviously a scam to help the store make . . . less money. Uh huh. Makes perfect sense.

  6. You’d think anyone who’s ever been shopping would understand the “buy one get one free” or “buy one get one half off” would understand the “equal or lesser value” thing, it’s not that hard! Maybe this guy’s been living under a rock until now or just hasn’t gone shopping. This kind of deal has been around forever and it’s always the same. Restaurants often have this kind of deal. I think most people understand it but there’s always some dope who has to have it explained to him like he was a 5 year old and then calls it a scam.

    • Or the dope does already know from experience how it works, but thinks s/he’s so smart to figure out this “trick” to getting a much more expensive shirt as the half-off one by asking them to do it that way, like it’s a novel thing. In that case, I’d say they aren’t ignorant, they’re deluded.

  7. I hate the BOGO thing especially when it comes to meat. To get the best deal you have to find 2 that are the same price or at least very close. Sometimes it’s almost impossible.

  8. I love the people who hand me the items one at a time, cheapest first then the expensive items thinking they’ll get the expensive ones free/half off/etc. I guess it’s some trick the discount bloggers have posted not thinking that the registers are programmed to automatically to discount the lowest priced items.

    I get similar with dollars off coupons. Customer will have me ring everything and total it, then hand me dollars off coupons like they were same as cash and they are not. Then get upset when their “10% off savers club” gets readjusted after coupons. Sorry, but if you have a $100 item and give me a $10 off coupon, you’re only paying $90 so you get your savers club off of what you pay, not what’s on the price tag.

  9. Or how about explaining to someone that getting an item @ 40% off plus an additional 10% discount for our loyalty program does NOT equal getting 50% off the entire item. You get 40% off the initial price, then 10% off that.

    • I get that ALL THE TIME. “Shouldn’t that be 50% off?” No, it’s advertised at 40% off “But I have the savings club” That takes ten percent off the final sale after coupons and other discounts, it does not make your 40% item into a 50% item (and technically it only makes it about 45%)

      • It depends on how it’s worded. I’ve seen sales where the 10% or whatever the number was) is off the total price. Legally, if it isn’t stated as being a discount on the final price, I think it may be off the original cost.

  10. At least customer acknowledges the presence of a “they.” As in, Val is doing as she’s told by Corpthulu. Granted, he might not understand the concept of Corpthulu, but he at least realizes that Val has no real power to make the decision on this “scam.”

  11. Had a moron start screaming in the store over a “BoGo! Buy One and get One 50% Off!” sign. Started off with, “It’s buy one get one free?!” I told him no, it’s 50% off the other pair. He asks me, “Then how is that buy one get one?” I told him because when you BUY one you GET ONE at 50% off. He then proceeded to tell me that IS NOT a buy one get. I asked him how he figures that.

    Dude IMMEDIATELY flew into a tirade so loud the police in the food court upstairs and across the way came flying down and escorted him out.

  12. Fashion Bug used to ring up BOGO’s as half price for each item. The price came out the right way in the end. I just figured their registers probably didn’t have a way to ring up something as free. I miss those stores 🙁

  13. I used to work in a Canadian bookstore. Back when our dollar was pretty much par with the US, I would constantly get people complaining about the price difference, or wanting to pay the american price, not understanding that they don’t get to choose. Anyways, once when explaining for the umpteenth time why the prices were different, of which there are several reasons, only one of which has anything to do with exchange rates, I had a customer tell me I was full of crap. When I said “No, this is why its different” he tells me that he believes that’s what I was told, but that its a lie. Gee, I wonder who knows more about the book business, some guy off the street or someone who worked in it for 20 years? *sigh*

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