21 thoughts on “July 14, 2017

  1. Brice knew how to do the job?

    Wait, we are talking about the same person here?

    Did Marla have some assistant named Brice other than the one who went to Delman’s?

    • She’s not being dishonest here, he did know how to do the job, but he’s more of a Stuart than Marla would like. He thought everyone had a bad attitude when the problem is that he thinks managers don’t belong on tills, he couldn’t wrap his head around meeting Donnie halfway so he could pay his rent, and his expectations were skewed by being a supervisor from an affluent area before he came to Marla’s store, where poor credit scores are likely.

    • I wouldn’t call him a great manager, but he was setting schedules and knew how to run the register. He did know the job – it’s his judgement that became an issue.

    • What I liked about Brice while he was Marla’s AM was that he COULD learn. As the months went on, there were plenty of examples where Brice saw the differences between Marla’s style and his. And at least several times, you could see Brice adjusting his style. He had a level of flexibility that the other failed AM’s did not have. (*cough* Josh *cough*)

      No, Brice’s management style isn’t the same as Marla’s. But it is a workable style, with room for improvement and the ability to adjust.

    • Brice knew how to the his job. The problem was twofold: One, he knew how to do the job only in a theoretical way (and theory and reality seldom agree), and two, he refused to actually DO his job. Yes, Brice, part of being a manager is manning a register or grabbing a mop once in a while. Management is not supposed to hide behind the troops barking orders, they’re supposed to lead the charge.

    • Brick very clearly knew how to do the expected tasks of the job for which he applied, but did not know how to handle the human aspect expected by the other employees. There is a fundamental difference between a job listing and the actual job in an industry which centers around human interaction. Someone aptly named for his density would naturally not get along in a team environment.

  2. I’m in this exact position right now. Last laid back manager jumped ship, Current manager is a real gung-ho let’s go, let’s go, drill sergeant and she’s constantly wanting reassuring I’m not going to leave as well. I’ve been job hunting for months and if the a better one presents itself I’ll be out of there. Sure they’ll be some regret but I can’t keep up the pace she wants.

    • Pretty sure Stuart knows Marla is married, but more importantly, the two of them go way back and they do NOT get along. Their relationship is professional at best, antagonistic at worst. Besides, Stuart is too much of a stickler for the rules which would ban any romance between them since he’s her direct manager.

    • Yes, he is very aware that Marla is married. He’s even cuddled her little girl Fiona when Marla brought her in. Besides, corporate robots can’t develop crushes, except for company policy.

    • He is simply making the point that despite how different the 2 of them are as managers they worked together, all be it with the occasional conflict. Marla never let that turn her into a petty jerk who quit for more money and a bit of ego stroking, Brice might have learned his lesson but that changes nothing about how he left.

      • See my link above. She came very close. She was about to give notice when Stuart told her she had been promoted. (And yes, she did intend to be something of a jerk about it – she misread the signs of what was happening.)

  3. Not that she didn’t want to. If the opportunity to go to a store that was managed more to her style in a lateral move had appeared, she would have taken it. Heck, if the chance to do that kiosk had come, she would have taken it.

    But, knowing the job and being honest are important elements.

    Stuart isn’t entirely wrong. The way Brice left wasn’t the best. But, there’s the sheer practical to think of, here. Brice adequately fills a position that Stuart needs to fill.

  4. To get out of this situation, all Marla has to do is swallow her pride and say, “Yah, I guess you’re right.”

    Sometimes you have to accept the fact that you can’t win an argument against certain people.

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