16 thoughts on “July 15, 2016

    • I thought that the small inter-city railroads got torn up too. (Or were they just casualties once everyone had had to buy a car?)

      I know it was about the same era, because my mother has memories of taking the train to visit her grandmother when she was young. It’s amazing to me, because I know that money was tight when she was a kid, so to think that she routinely got what is now such a luxury blows my mind. (This is also how I know it was before the trains disappeared, and not modern train service.)

  1. Yea I feel you Amber. I hated being a gas pumper during election year. Can’t disagree with anyone, and I get to hear how the guy whom they do not like is worse than the Anti-Christ.

    • I can’t wait for Norm to mock Tumblr users.

      Customer: “Excuse me, it’s Xir-gender you Cis-Scum meatbag!!”

      Cooper: “Ma’am, did you just threaten me with bodily harm?”

  2. One of the hardest things for me would be to resist getting into a political discussion. “Well, if you don’t need anything, I have to get back to what I was doing over here…” Way over here…

    • catlover,
      But ignoring these people makes them even madder.
      One of the very very very few positive things about those dam walkies more and more stores are requiring their staff to use is that you can put your finger to the ear piece and say to the customer that you are oh so sorry but you are needed at the other end of the store.

    • This is true, Dad worked for 2 different roads, both of which were bought by other (and in the latter’s case, much bigger) roads in the years after he was away from them.

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